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4 Stylish Ways of Wearing a Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are one of the classiest ways to dress up your outfit. They’re also known for being a staple in the French woman’s spring outfit, consisting of Chanel ballet flats, cropped skinny jeans, and a gorgeous silk neckerchief. Even when you’re feeling too tired to style your outfit for the day, tying a skinny silk scarf around your neck instantly elevates your look and adds a graceful air to it.

Another great thing about silk scarves is that they’re so versatile that they can pair well with just about any kind of outfit. Whether you’re going for a night out in a cocktail dress or you’d like to keep it simple with a plain white tee and some jeans, silk scarves add a touch of effortless elegance that ties your ensemble together. 

Here are four ways to wear a silk scarf:

1. Pointed Front Scarf

Colorful scarf prints are an excellent way to add a pop of color to your outfit. When you wear it around your neck, the best way to tie it is in a pointed front tie. This particular shape goes beautifully with a dress, a lightweight spring jacket with lapels, or even a simple button-down shirt. It also covers more of your neck, which will keep you extra warm on a chilly, windy day.

To achieve this look, lay the scarf on a flat surface and fold one corner until the scarf becomes a triangle. Put the pointed front on your chest, then drape the sides around the back of your neck. Tie it off in the front, and you’re done. You can also tie the scarf on top or below the pointed triangle, depending on whether you want the knot to show.

2. Boy Style Scarf

If you’re going for a more sporty look, try a boy-style silk scarf. It’s a rugged scarf tie styled that takes its inspiration from outdoor exploration and goes well with casual looks, like casual t-shirts and jeans. 

To tie the scarf, lay it flat on a smooth surface. Pull the two diagonal corners until they overlap a bit in the middle. Fold along the same diagonal until you form a long rectangle, then put it around your neck. You can wrap it long and loose around your neck before tying it. If you want a French look, twist the tie a little bit to the side.

3. Hair Accessory

Scarfs don’t always have to go around your neck—they can go around your hair, too. You can use it to tie the base of your ponytail, a super stylish headband, or weave it into a braid. There are endless possibilities for using a scarf as a hair accessory!

If you want to integrate it into your ponytail or create a headband out of it, fold the scarf into a long rectangle by folding the two diagonal corners until they slightly overlap in the middle, continuing this way until you create the shape you want. Pin the scarf to keep it in place, ensuring it doesn’t budge or fall out of your hair. To put it into your braid, take a skinny silk scarf, pin the top end to your head, and add it to your braid like you would with the rest of your hair.

4. Bag Accessory

Scarves can upgrade your look simply by being a bag accessory. Redesign your favorite handbag by tying a silk scarf to the handle by creating the same long rectangle mentioned in the previous point. Tie it in a knot or bow on the bag handle’s base for more security. You can also weave the scarf through the metal D-ring that connects your bag’s body to the handle to ensure it won’t accidentally loosen itself and fall off.


Silk scarves add grace, class, and elegance to any outfit and are versatile enough to complement just about any style. By trying these different ways of wearing a silk scarf, you’ll be the most stylish one around!

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