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6 Ways to Style A Fringed Scarf

Do you have a fringe scarf laying around your closet somewhere, or were you recently gifted one by a friend? It is time to bring out that fringe scarf as it is trendy and ideal for the coming winter season!

Like the embellished scarf, the fringe scarf is a great way to add texture and interest to your look. Depending on the fabrication, a fringe scarf can make your outfit more whimsical or add richness to your look. There are so many ways to rock fashion scarves too!

In this article, we will show you the endless possibilities of styling a fringe scarf so you can wear them long after their popularity has passed.

A Simple Wrap

For short shawls and blanket fringe scarves, you can easily use them as a wraparound. Throw it over your nape with one end longer than the other and bring it around the other side. Adjust it to make both ends at equal lengths.

Cinch It with a Slim Belt

This is a convenient way to hide a creased shirt or to perk up your outfit. Just drape your scarf over your shoulders and cinch it at the waist with a slim belt. You can layer this with a coat to make a quick chic outfit.

Tie It like a Top

Your scarf can double as a daring top. This style is perfect if you’re feeling adventurous and it’s not too cold. Just wear it with the entire width of your scarf covering your front. Take the two ends and tie a knot at the back to hold it together. You can wear this with a skirt or a dress.

A Loose Drape

Out of sweaters and cardigans? Your scarf can protect you from the cold too! Just loosely drape your scarf over your shoulders and arms. This goes well with a pair of jeans and a shirt. You can go for neutral colors that blend well with the rest of your outfit.

Asymmetrical Loose Wrap

Going for a fancier look? This style screams luxury. Just drape your scarf in an asymmetrical loose wrap. Paired with a tailored skirt and shirt, top-handle bag, and a pair of shades you are ready to radiate some girl power.

Adding Volume with a Cowl Neck

Looking for a way to add volume to your outfit while keeping your neck warm? Just drape the scarf around your neck and loop one end around again. Even out the ends and tie them into a half knot to give you two loops around your neck. You can adjust this to add as much volume as you would like.


Fringe scarves are a great way to add a point of interest to your look. Not only are they great for classic looks, but they are also versatile, which makes them ideal to wear to spice up any outfit. With the right styling, you can end up with a fun and trendy look for the winter season.

If you are looking for a variety of scarves to play around with and add some oomph to your outfits, you can also sign up for a scarf subscription. You can receive scarves that are curated to match your style and outfit needs. These are perfect if you are looking to extend your home or travel wardrobe.

Are you looking for a personalized and styled scarf subscription box? We at Scarflings have a wide range of styles handpicked to turn your neutral outfits into textured moments. Whether you are going for versatile fringe scarves or sophisticated shawls, we have it all for you. Just head on to our website to learn more!