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What Are the Health Benefits of Wearing a Scarf

When the seasons change, your body often deals with blustery winds and cool temperatures. When you're done with a busy workday, your neck and shoulders are tense; you may also have swollen knuckles. Try putting a scarf around your neck, shoulders, and knuckles to soothe any aches you may have. Some people believe that a scarf is only a fashion accessory. A scarf can provide many health benefits as the seasons change. Just remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

1. Help Prevent Colds and Flu

Although some believe that proper hand washing is the best prevention for colds and flu, there is another way to prevent exposure to germs. By wearing a scarf, you can decrease the germs transmitted to your face when you are out in public. You should be able to wear a scarf without other people noticing; it is one of the best ways to prevent colds and flu. Also, since you will be protecting your hands and face, you will decrease your likelihood of picking up harmful germs.

2. Improve Blood Circulation

According to acupuncturist and author Carol Phillips, wearing a scarf can increase your body's circulation by 65 percent. As your clothing warms from the body heat, blood flow is enhanced, while the scarf acts as a source of mild compression. If you have varicose veins, wearing a scarf can help strengthen and increase blood flow to that area.

3. Relieve Neck Pain

If you have a stiff neck or are experiencing neck pain, you should wear a scarf. Scarves help decrease the stress on your tight neck muscles, which reduces pain. By wearing a scarf, you can reduce tension and other symptoms of being tense. You may not even realize how tense your body is until you wear a scarf and notice how better you feel.

4. Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis

If you have cervical spondylosis, you should wear a scarf at night to help prevent and control pain. There are two reasons why a scarf can help with this neck condition. One is that the scarf will help to keep your neck warm to prevent stiffness. Another benefit is that the scarf will help hold your head and neck in place while you sleep.

5. Treatment for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Like cervical spondylosis, wearing a scarf at night can help prevent and control pain from lumbar spinal stenosis. The scarf will keep your neck warm, which will decrease the chance of stiffness. The scarf will also help to hold your head and neck in place while you sleep to prevent any unnecessary bending of your neck.

6. Treat Headaches

By wrapping a scarf around your head, you can help lessen the pain of a headache. One of the primary causes of headaches is muscle tension, so by putting the scarf around your head and forehead, you can help normalize your muscle tension. You will also avoid light, noise, and odors by wearing a scarf.


As you have seen, scarves are more than just fashion accessories; they can provide many health benefits. Embrace the scarf trend during the fall and winter for many health benefits. Maybe you will be so impressed by your health improvements that you will continue to wear scarves year-round.

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