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Scarf, Shawl, Wrap: What’s the Difference Between Them?

One would say that clothes are just sewn fabrics to put on your back, but they are much more than that! Your style is an essential tool in life—you can stand out, reinforce your professionalism, boost confidence, and express yourself with the clothes you wear.

You can achieve a multitude of things with just your style! As long as you wear the right clothes and use the perfect accessories, you’re sure to rule the runway of life! However, before you can strut your stuff and show off your style, it’s crucial first to be familiar with the basics to become a fashionista with the perfect accessories.

The Rookie Mistake

If there’s one mistake that many people make, it’s using scarf, shawl, and wrap as synonymous terms. Although they’re all pieces of fabric you use to wrap around or wear on your body, they don’t mean the same thing—these fabrics are three separate items with distinct qualities.

With the number of accessories and fashion items available in the market today, it’s natural to be confused by the multitude of terms. In fact, even popular media use “shawl,” “scarf,” and “wrap” interchangeably! 

Although there’s nothing wrong with mistaking these three items for each other, it’s still essential to be informed so that you can figure out which one can best accentuate your beauty and features.

For those who want to be more familiar with the different fashion terms, just read through below for a quick run-down:


Winter fashion can’t be complete without a scarf! Scarves are usually long and thin pieces of fabric used to warm yourself and stay stylish during the colder months. However, though many are only familiar with the wool kind you wrap around your neck, scarves actually also come in a classic silk kind.

Our square silk scarves at Scarflings can be casual or formal, depending on how you wear them. On the other hand, the bigger scarves called blanket scarves are warm and cozy, often used as makeshift ponchos and even blankets.


The shawl is a piece of fabric bigger than the scarf, usually 80 - 110 cm wide to 180 cm - 210 cm long. Both scarves and shawls are available in rectangles and squares, but shawls also come in triangles. 

While scarves are primarily worn to keep yourself warm, shawls are wrapped around the body to either accent an outfit, cover bare skin, or observe religious rules. Scarflings’ shawls are perfect to wear for any occasion and can suit any kind of style!


The term wrap is often used to refer to as a shawl or stole, but there’s a significant difference between them. “Wrap” is a more recent term that describes any loose outer garment or piece of fabric that can be wrapped around the body.

While most wraps are made with natural fabric such as wool, they can also be made with a fancier type of fabric. If you want to add a touch of chic to your overall look, then our collection of silk chiffon wraps are perfect for you!


Now that we’ve cleared the confusion between scarves, shawls, and wraps, you can wear them to accentuate your features and level up your style! As long as you purchase your outer garments from a reputable shop, you’ll be able to amp up your style!

Have you been searching for the perfect scarf, shawl, or wrap to maximize your minimalist wardrobe? Then, our collection of luxurious finished fabrics may be perfect for you! Our Scarflings collection will power your wardrobe with endless possibilities. You can build on your wardrobe with a vast array of choices. Browse our shop today!