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The Different Ways To Tie And Wear Your Oblong Scarf

Scarves are not just a protection from the cold but also a stylish piece of clothing that can take your outfit to the next level. Once you get a single scarf, you will never get enough of buying more because there are many ways you can style them to wear on every occasion!

In this blog, we will focus on oblong scarves and the different ways to tie and wear them. Read on to learn about these flexible styles so you will never regret buying your scarves, as you will never run out of stylish ways to make use of them.

Tied in front

Are you feeling pretty down about your body today? Pull that oblong scarf out of your closet. Put the scarf around your neck so that the ends are hanging in front. Tie the ends in the middle, creating a single or double loop. This simple look can make you look significantly slimmer. Problem solved! 

Tied to the side

Does it feel like a perfect day to look chic? If you are going out on a romantic date with your partner, a silk neckerchief scarf is the best choice. Similar to the front style, simply wrap the scarf around your neck but this time, tie it on the side of your neck and tie it off with a single or double knot. This will surely give you a different look your partner hasn’t seen before.

Belt Scarf

Create an accent and emphasize your waist with a belt scarf. This style is suitable for a date with your friends or a smart casual meeting. Simply wrap it around your waist and tie the ends on the side. You may also play with symmetry by making one side longer than the other.


This style is emerging as a new trend because, let’s admit it, fashion is just a cycle. Fold your scarf until it becomes a skinny silk scarf. Lay on the top of your head, bring the ends on your nape directly below your hairline, and tie it off in a double knot. Adjust it according to your comfort level. You can also play with it by making one end side longer than the other.

European Loop

A small change in the way you tie your scarf can make a big difference. The European loop is a stylish yet simple way to wear your oblong scarf. To achieve this, simply fold your scarf in two and wrap it around your neck, where the loop hangs on one side and both ends on the other side. Insert the ends on the loop and let it tight or loose, however you want it. 

Fluffy Bow

Feeling a little extra today? Get your scarf and try this fluffy bow! Wrap your scarf around your neck once and create a knot near your collarbone. Then, using the ends of the scarf, make a ribbon and adjust the bow evenly. This is a fantastic way to upgrade your outfit!

Faux Infinity

Take both ends of your dalmatian shawl and tie them together, then hang it on your neck. After this, you can do more things with the scarf. You can either hide the knot behind our neck or let it hang in front. You can also choose to wrap more than once around your neck. This faux infinity style is flexible and chic in so many ways!


Whether you are using it for the weather or fashion, there are many ways to style your oblong scarf. Aside from wrapping it around your neck, you can also wear it as a headband, belt, wrap it around your bag handle, and more. Never stop exploring more ways to style your scarf!

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