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5 Ways to Wear a Large Scarf

Oversized scarves are just the accessory you need to transform your outfit into something else entirely. It can tie your look together and take it to the next level. And the best part? Scarves come in a number of sizes, colors, and patterns that can fit any outfit that you wear.

Oversized scarves are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Don’t believe us? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are just some of the ideas you can try to style your oversized scarf for any season.

1. Spring or Summer Scarf Looks

When you think of scarves, you think of thick, wool scarves that keep you warm in the colder months. But there are actually scarves made of lightweight materials that you can wear even in the spring or summer. With its delicate material flowing in the summer wind, it creates the perfect look for you, even in warmer weather.

For spring or summer looks, you want scarves made from silk or cotton that are breathable enough to walk around in but not too thin that you feel naked without coverage. It can add texture and the perfect pop of color your outfit needs for a bright, summer look.

2. Autumn or Winter Scarf Looks

The late, colder seasons are where oversized scarves really shine. You can take advantage of the many solid, pastel colors that will bring out the lukewarm shade of autumn fashion. When placed loosely around your neck, it will give off the feeling of sophistication.

However, if you do want to add an extra something in the face of a dark winter night, you can never go wrong with a bright burst of color. It will make you stand out and look poised to take on the chilly months. You can even opt to juxtapose this brightly colored scarf against an all-black outfit.

3. Dress to Impress

If you want to go for a night out on the town, adding an oversized scarf to your look will immediately make it more dressy. Choose a scarf that exudes glamour, one with material made from silk or cashmere to give you that classy and stylish aesthetic. 

You can even pair it with a sophisticated frock or coat to tie the look together. It should make the perfect ensemble to go to a fancy dinner or even an art gallery in town. 

4. Keeping it Casual

Of course, dressing down with an oversized scarf is also entirely possible. It will give off a warm and cozy feeling without making you look too dowdy or covered up. Whether you want to mix up your look to dinner with friends, or even if you’re simply planning on going to the DMV later in the day, the right knitted scarf will be the perfect add-on to a simple, casual outfit.

5. Cute, Sophisticated, and Professional

Scarves are also a great accent piece to any smart-casual outfit you plan on wearing to work, especially if your cubicle is a tad drafty. Dress up your look with a standard monochrome or a pretty pastel to elevate your simple, professional look. Paired with a good blazer and a nice blouse, you should be good to go!


Whatever the occasion, oversized scarves are the perfect way to tie any outfit together. Whether summer or winter, nothing quite captures a timeless aesthetic like a good scarf does.

Add a little flair to your outfit with Scarflings. We have many scarves in our catalog that you can find in our scarf subscription box. Take a look at our catalog today and find one that suits you the best!