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Classic Minimalist

Blend Your Style With Patricia Martínez Collection

My love for fashion comes from my childhood, when I loved to dress with my mum's clothes. She had a great collection of scarves which I loved to borrow and worn. I would define my style as "Classic with a twist, elegant and feminine.

Patricia Scarf Picks

Today is your day!

The ScarflingsTM Promise

You want and deserve the best quality scarves and wraps – garments that express your individual flair. We're committed to being your expert, one-stop-shop delivering quality, allure, and style directly to your door.

Season after season Scarflings promises to deliver outstanding pieces that provide the perfect finishing touch and give you the confidence to stylishly power through all of life's adventures.

"A scarf has to be the most beautiful thing ever invented to wear!"

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Melissa Yap


Vancouver, Canada

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