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Receive Handpicked Designs Every Month, Tailored to Your Personal Style

Receive Handpicked Designs Every Month, Tailored to Your Personal Style

Welcome to the Scarflings Subscription Box , a personalized service dedicated to suit your wardrobe perfectly. Every box you’ll receive hides a scarf selected for you by our styling experts, centered around celebrating your aesthetic and providing you with accessories you’ll never want to take off.

Whether you’d like to treat yourself to a luxurious monthly surprise or give a loved one the gift of a unique, personalized style service, the Scarflings Subscription Box will bring a dash of sleekness to your life. Instead of having to search for hours to find a style match made in heaven, our monthly Scraflings Box will deliver your new favorites straight to your doorstep.

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12 months subscription service

1 scarf every month handpicked by Scarflings stylist

A beautiful mix of wool, silk and chiffon pieces

Timelessly Minimal

The Timelessly Minimal box is a blend of traditional and modern femininity, inspired by classic fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn. If you like accessories that complete your looks with a hint of elegance, this box will make you fall in love.

Neutral & soft shade palettes

Minimal and monochrome patterns, solid color bases

Most Popular
Modern Style-Seeker

Versatility is at the heart of the Modern Style-Seeker box, an edit of some of Scarflings’ best-selling pieces and hidden treasures. Fitting your lifestyle regardless of your next destination, this box was designed to accompany day-to-night looks for every occasion.

Neutral and deep, classic shades with a pop of boldness

Balanced edit of patterns and classic designs

Bold Trendsetter

Vibrant with designs that exude an uplifting positivity, the Bold Trendsetter box knows no compromise when it comes to daring designs. If you like your accessories to be in the spotlight, this selection of exciting favorites will instantly catch your eyes.

A colorful wonderland with electric shades

Daring patterns merged with versatile essentials

Are you Timelessly Minimal, a Modern Style-Seeker, or a Bold Trendsetter?

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