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4 Ways to Wear a Large Scarf

You must have seen models wear big scarves stylishly as you flip through magazines. Wanting to look as good as them, you purchase an oversize scarf for yourself. After wrapping it around your neck, you take a good look in the mirror, and… you are underwhelmed.

If you aren’t looking as good as those models in your big scarf, then you may not be wearing the right outfit. There are many ways to wear an oversized scarf, but if you do it wrong, you may just not look as good.

Don’t fret, though! We have you covered. In this article, we will give you different ways to wear a big scarf. Be it for casual occasions or a party, this guide will help you.

Casual Look

A scarf is a great accessory for when you want to look casual but not too simple. Style yourself in some leggings, a plain shirt, and a chunky wool scarf. This outfit makes you look relaxed and gives the message “I made an effort, but not too much” look that will capture everyone’s attention.

If it’s too hot to go for a wool scarf, switch it up with another material. A cute summer dress with a simple silk or cotton scarf would be the best way to go. Finish this look with some Mary Janes or ballet flats, and you should be good to go.

Formal Wear

Most people would ditch scarves and other accessories when going to a formal event. Yet, it is even more reason for you to wear a scarf to a formal event! Scarves don't have to be something that you only wear during casual events.

In the event of formal attire, just grab your outfit and top it off with a scarf. You can use the scarf as a layer and let it drape over your shoulders. Another option is to put it around your neck and tie it at the front.

Ideally, for these events, you must go for scarves in solid colors. If you think your outfit is too simple, you can go for a patterned or colored scarf.

A Night-Out

Going on a night-out calls for glitz and glam. Scarves may not be commonly worn in the club, but this should not stop you from doing so. When dressing up for a night-out, consider incorporating a scarf into your outfit as well.

A glittery and colorful scarf should do the trick. Make sure that the scarf makes a bold statement to stand out. However, try not to go for too heavy or chunky scarves, considering that you will be on your foot all night long.

Work Attire

Nothing else calls for a scarf like smart casual. Work looks can be a little too plain and boring for most people. Thankfully, adding a scarf can change up the whole look.

Try to go for a cashmere scarf as your final touch. This goes with almost any type of outfit. Make sure that the scarf does not have a pattern or if it does, keep it simple to plaids and stripes.

Stylish with a Scarf

Wearing a scarf is always a good idea. It's both a cute accessory and can be functional against the cold or other weather conditions. Don't skip out on an oversized scarf to give you the best look for any occasion.

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