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5 Beach Cover-Ups to Have To Satisfy The Beach Bum in You

Sunshine and water brushing your feet is a feeling that compares to nothing. The Beach bum in you would never truly be satisfied on every front but what we can do to help is give you the perfect vacay-look which should surely offer you with some great memories. From salt in your hair to winds gushing across you, a day on the beach, looking your most relaxed and laid-back self is what you need. And amidst all that, we have the perfect beach cover-up inspirations for you which would complete your next trip to the coasts!

Wrap It Up!

This is possibly as simple as it could be. All you need is a printed scarf and no technique. And, guess what, you are all set to hit the waters looking like you belong just there!

Bring In The Sarong Style

Be it the poolside or the beach, a sarong is a must-have for your vacation. Functional and highly versatile, the sarong makes for a great bikini cover-up. You could simple tie is across your waist and you’re good to go!

Wear It Like A Printed Shirt

A few knots at the ends of your cover-up and it could easily mimic the style of a shirt. Be as cheeky as you want because this printed cover-up will have everyone drooling!

Knot and Tuck

Super easy and highly impactful, the knot and tuck style of wearing a cover-up is as simple as it sounds. All you need is a long printed scarf, wrap it along your chest and knot in a tidy little bow for something extra flirty. Effortless, right?

All The Way

This might look complicated but trust us, it is not! All you need to do to achieve this classy beach look is to tie the two loose ends of the scarf across your neck and wrap the other ends around. It is a five-finger-exercise and you certainly won’t be disappointed with this beach cover-up. 

Summer or not, one can always dream about that holiday which has been pending for way too long. Hope you have your checklist ready with all of this because you’re going to have the time of your life!