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Choose the Right Scarf: A Quick and Informative Guide

Scarves are such a versatile accessory. They can be used across different seasons and times of the year, which is why it makes sense for you to have a scarf to go with all your outfits. Having a selection of scarves in your closet will help you level up your wardrobe and provide protection from heat, sun, and cold weather. 

However, if you do not already wear scarves as part of your daily outfit (but want to start getting into this trend), you may be part of the population that often wonders if they can pull off this type of look. If so, this blog post is for you! Read on to find out how you can pair a scarf with your everyday attire.

Choose the Right Scarf: A Quick and Informative Guide

If you are new to using scarves, you may need some styling tips to help you know what’s in and what’s not. Here are the rules when you want to add a stylish scarf to your daily get-up.

Tip #1 - It Doesn’t Have to Match

We have been taught that clothes and accessories need to match to be able to go well together. However, this is not the rule for scarves! These old-fashioned rules about mixing and matching colors and patterns do not apply when trying to figure out which one of your scarves will work best for what you are wearing. Do not be afraid to mix and match that scarf you have been eyeing with your stylish outfit for the day.

Tip #2 - Choose One That Flatters Your Face

One crucial thing you need to consider when selecting which scarf to wear is which one best suits your face. The key to this is choosing the right color. Select a scarf that works well with your skin tone and the rest of your outfit’s colors. You do not have to restrict yourself to which patterns and colors are considered stylish. If you feel that black makes your complexion look pale and washed out, go for brighter colors when you choose your scarf.

Tip #3 - Consider Fabrics and Textures

You can go all out in the colors and styles of the scarves you choose to wear. If you feel that a piece of particular fabric or pattern will complement the style you are going for at the moment, go for it! You don’t need to shy away from colors that may be considered too loud. Sometimes this is precisely what a plain-jane outfit needs!

Tip #4 - Get Creative in Tying Them! 

There are many ways by which you can choose to tie your scarf. You may simply tie it around your neck or use a pretzel loop. You can even throw a long necklace over your scarf to add another layer of style to it! 


Wearing a scarf will add another layer of style to an otherwise ordinary and mundane outfit. However, it isn’t rocket science! You do not need to overthink it, and often, what feels right will look right. Following the tips mentioned above will help you choose the right scarf for the outfit you already have on. 

If you are ready to buy a new set of scarves, shop at Scarflings! We aim to bring you a diverse range of the most beautiful and highest quality scarves in the world. Whether you are looking for vintage-styled scarves or scarf rings in Canada, you will always find them with us!