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Outstanding OOTD: Tips on Choosing the Right Silk Scarfs

There are unlimited options about a silk scarf’s color for the ultimate look, but which one suits you the best? This question is the main topic of our blog. We will tell you how to choose the perfect scarf color to complete the ideal OOTD.

In terms of fashion, each color has an impact on the spirit but also on the climate of a room. The color circle represents the three primary colors and other colors obtained after mixing these colors. Thanks to this article, we can see which colors are associated with harmony or contrast depending on their temperature.

Classic Black and White

Even the most basic (and classic) of colors convey deep meanings for silk scarf wearers:

  • White accessories reflect a spiritual serenity and wisdom rooted in purity and sincerity. White symbolizes these values and the values ​​of spaciousness and expansion. For a scarf, white can enhance the other colors. 
  • For men and women, black accessories are founded on one’s need for order, for caution about life's obstacles. Black also indicates self-reflection and introspection, but used in excess; it can promote depression. Used in small doses, black helps structure your interior. We recommend following your instincts and taking pleasure in what you are doing above all for all ages. With a silk scarf, you can be daring!

Cold Shades

  • For a man’s or woman’s silk scarf, blue gives clues to a dreamy, contemplative temperament and for which meditation represents the escape from the troubles of everyday life. A calm and relaxing color, blue is conducive to inspiration and creativity; it has soothing virtues.
  • On the other hand, a green silk scarf shows you have a flexible temperament, which sees change as an opportunity, an optimistic way of approaching life. Green is ideal for concentration, a peaceful atmosphere, and balance. 
  • In fashion, purple always connotes a sense of elegance and diplomacy, symbolizing someone who pursues a spiritual approach to life with measure and wisdom. Purple is conducive to meditation; it also promotes calm. 
  • Neutral colors for a silk scarf also include cream, honey, chocolate, and coffee, representing resilience, dependability, and safety.

Warm Shades

  • The color red will grab people's attention and make a statement. As such, a red silk scarf evokes your lively energy and vitality. The color is mysterious, heroic, and intense; it embodies passionate love, courage, and lust for life. 
  • Orange is a warm and welcoming alternative to red. It brings out your passion for life while remaining cheerful and stimulating; it brings to mind the idea of springtime and the outdoors, lush fields full of flowers.
  • Yellow represents your strong sense of perfectionism and desire for change. This hue means a nurturing and emotionally expressive person; it is bright and cheerful, just like the sun; it attracts attention by illuminating a room.  

Unique Options

You'll meet an exciting variety of colors when shopping for fabrics. In addition to solid hues, there are prints and patterns to consider: checkered or polka dot or large-scale prints and patterns. A solid silk scarf will bring a single color to your outfits, while an original patterned scarf will set you apart. Adopt basic clothes and indulge yourself with colorful, patterned fashion accessories, and you will see that the charm is even more critical.


As we end, color is not just the only consideration you must have for the perfect silk scarf. Consider the material’s heft as well. These pieces must be thick enough to protect you from colder elements, so don’t be fooled by lower prices. When purchasing a silk scarf, buyers must balance quantity and quality to get the best deal.

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