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Fashion 101: How to Wear a Head Scarf Like a Pro

As you know, that scarf you have is more than just for sun protection or to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That single item you’ve purchased is very much worth your money because it is incredibly versatile. 

Did you know that a scarf can be worn as a top, used as a bag, and many other fashion-forward things? Today, we will talk about how a scarf can be tied around your head to make you look extra fashionable and fab!

Here are five ways you can use your scarf as a fabulous headdress. Read on and learn how you can do them like a pro:

Style #1: The Simple Yet Elegant Bow Tie

Go for the simple and easy bow tie style if you’re just starting to embrace scarves as a fashion accessory. You can begin with this style by gathering your hair and tying it into a low ponytail. Then, grab your favorite scarf and wrap it around the low ponytail you’ve made. Slip it through an elastic hair tie and secure it at the back. After that, you can wrap your scarf into a bow at the top. You’re now ready to seize the day with a refreshing and elegant hairstyle with a scarf bow tie. 

Style #2: The Classic Bandana Tie

The bandana tie style will give you that retro feel or preppy look. If you’re aiming for a preppy look, just grab your favorite scarf and fold it lengthwise until it’s one or two inches wide. Put it over your hair like a headband and secure it with a knot at the back. 

For a retro feel, you can choose an oversized silk square with a chic print or any scarf with a retro vibe. Fold your scarf of choice diagonally in half and tie it over your hair, tucking the center corner. Top it off with a pair of hoop earrings, and you’ll definitely be looking so chic!

Style #3: The Unique Under Chin Style

Picture yourself driving with the windows open while the wind touches your skin. This unique under chin style will be perfect for that moment. Achieve this look by folding an oversized square scarf in half, place it loosely over your head, then knot it under your chin. You’re now ready to hit the road! But wait, don’t forget your black sunglasses and nail that classic Hollywood vibe.

Style #4: The Sophisticated Oversized Bow

Unlike the bow tie, wherein a printed silk scarf is ideal, the oversized bow style will be perfect if you use a bright, solid-colored knit scarf. Just wrap it around your head, then tie a large bow in the front. Using a saturated hue helps define the bow’s shape. 

Style #5: The Sleek Pony Wrap

If you want to feel like a model walking on the runway, you can try this look with a short, thin scarf. Pull your hair up and wrap the scarf around your entire ponytail. Now, you’ll have that high-fashion hairstyle, ready to wow the world.


You see, there are many ways you can use a single scarf to take your look to the next level. It can make a big difference in your casual and everyday look, so it’s really an excellent item to invest in. If you already have a vast scarf selection, you can try these styles and work it out like a pro! But if you don’t own too many quite yet, it’s time to purchase now because you’re missing out on a lot of eye-popping, fashion-forward fits.

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