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A Guide on Buying the Perfect Clothing for a Holiday Gift

Selecting the perfect gift can be daunting. To impress your friend or family and deliver a strong message that you truly understand them, consider getting them a wardrobe upgrade over the holidays. Choosing the right fashion item can be tricky, but it’s worth the risk once you see your loved one smiling from ear to ear after seeing your present. Here are some tips for buying clothing the recipient will want to wear over and over again:

1. Understand Your Loved One’s Fashion Style

Take the time to analyze the recipient’s fashion style by checking what they wear daily. By learning about the pattern to the kinds of fashion pieces they wear regularly, you will likely choose a clothing gift they will surely love.

Evaluating your loved one’s fashion style involves examining the colors, prints, and fabrics they like to wear. When choosing the colors, it’s important to consider those that complement their hair color and skin complexion. 

2. Consider Wants vs. Needs

Clothes are a practical gift choice, but just because you picked an item in the right color, print, and the fabric doesn’t guarantee the recipient will want to wear it repeatedly. This is especially true if they prioritize comfort or look for clothing they can wear every day. This is why you have to consider their needs instead of simply buying them something you think they want.

3. Check the Size

Getting the correct size is important to save the recipient the hassle of having to exchange your gift for another size or, worse, return it altogether. To make sure you buy the right size, try asking their family member or friend who might know it or the recipient themself without making it obvious it’s for a holiday gift.

4. Assess the Recipient’s Body Shape

Besides the aesthetic appeal and size, another factor to consider when buying clothing for your loved one is their body shape. Take a moment to assess whether their shape could be classified as an hourglass, straight, apple, or pear shape. Select exaggerated bottoms or shirts to add curves if they have a straight body type, while choosing clothes that divert attention away from unflattering areas if they have an hourglass, apple, or pear shape.

5. Choose How Many Pieces of Clothing to Buy

Your budget determines the number of clothing pieces you will give to your loved one. For instance, if you decide to buy from a local department store with affordable clothes, it’s best to buy multiple clothing pieces to create a full-blown outfit. However, it’s advisable to buy only a single statement fashion piece if you want to gift them an expensive designer item.


Buying clothing as a gift for your loved one might seem overwhelming at first. However, the process is fun and straightforward once you follow and master these tips. The rewarding experience is also priceless once the recipient gets ecstatic after opening the clothes you picked out for them.

Sometimes, clothing is not the best idea for a gift. For instance, perhaps your loved one is trying to lose weight. In this case, you can still give them a thoughtful present by handing them a fashion accessory like a cute scarf or wool shawl that will keep them warm throughout the holiday season.

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