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5 Hacks on How to Better Organize Your Scarfs

One of the most challenging accessories to organize is scarves because they’re so long and often drape over other things in your closet. No matter how you fold or hang them, there’s always extra fabric dangling around. 

More often than not, they end up stuffed into a drawer or basket or tossed over any surface in your closet. Unless you have time to iron, you might end up choosing a scarf that’s wrinkled or balled up and not wearable at all. These are a few organizing tips that could make your life easier.

1. Roll Up Your Scarves

Roll your scarves into tubes, then slide them into a hanging shoe rack. You can keep them in separate sections of the rack, depending on the color you want to wear that day or the season. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to grab a scarf from the middle of the rack. 

You’ll need to pull out a few at a time to get to your favorite. Another option is to use a tie rack and hang your scarves on it to easily access them.

2. Create Colorful Doughnuts with the Scarves

There’s no need to buy a whole season’s worth of scarves when you can use the ones you already have to create new ones. Use an over-the-door hanger, add a few scarf hangers and hang them. Another option is to use an old shower rod and drape the scarves over it. 

You can choose to leave them in the shape of a circle, or you can create colorful doughnuts. You can also use a curtain rod or buy a swivel hooks with a shower curtain. You can hang your scarves up in various ways to add color and texture to your home.

3. For a More Modern Look, Hang Your Scarves on the Wall

This is an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of space in your closet. Use a command hook and hang your scarves on the wall. You can display them symmetrically, or you can mix them up. Feel free to use different materials and patterned scarves to add visual interest to your walls.

4. Use a Pegboard and a Scarf Organizer

This solution is great if you have a lot of scarves. You’ll be able to see them all and have easy access to them. Start by attaching a pegboard to the back of your door or closet, then select a scarf organizer. 

There are several styles to choose from to match your needs. Hang the scarves on the pegs, and the organizer will keep them in place. The organizer has a clear pocket that you can slide over the pegs to make it easier to see what’s in the closet.

5. A Rolling Storage Container Is an Ultimate Solution

If you want to take organization to the next level, you can use a rolling storage container to store your scarves. The container will keep your scarves in place and free up a lot of space in your closet. You can roll it out when it’s time to wear one and roll it back up when you’re finished.


It’s time to get organized and find a system that works for you when storing your scarves. The options above will help you make the most of your space. No matter which one you choose, the essential part is to organize it yourself.

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