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Our Guide on How to Wear a Men’s Scarf

A scarf is essentially a rectangular cloth.

Yet most guys are perplexed on how to wear one correctly, and worse, many believe that wearing a scarf is too 'lady-like.'

We need to dispel this notion right now.

How Do I Know It's a Men's Scarf?

Men's scarves are often thinner than women's scarves, having a width of around six inches, and are usually on the shorter side of 55 inches in length to fall the same length as a blazer. Men's scarves can be rectangular, triangular, or square in form, influencing how the scarf is wrapped or tied.

Men's Scarf Styling Tips

Scarves are more than simply a long strip of cloth; how you wear them may be the difference between looking classy and outright crazy. Here are some essential scarf-wearing tips.

Select the Proper Weight

Don't buy heavy-duty equipment in October while it's still relatively warm outside. Your scarf game, like your jacket game, should unfold gradually.

Experiment with Contrast

Don't just grab the same scarf every time you leave the house. Look for eye-catching combinations, such as denim and black that will boost your entire ensemble.

Maintain Simplicity

In general, if you are a man going about his daily business, your scarf should be a solid color or a basic design with a limited color palette. Keep the feather boa for weekend club events or working on parade floats.

Layer Responsibly

Wear bulkier scarves with heavier coats and silk and cotton scarves with lighter jackets. Never be the man who comes inside wearing an oversized winter scarf and a T-shirt.

Don't Be Afraid of a Little Drama

Simplicity and masculinity do not imply boredom. If you're wearing a lot of gray and black, a rich burgundy scarf can break up your weary banker look and demonstrate that you're not a mortician out to collect a body.

Men's Guide: How to Tie a Scarf

You can use various ways to put on your scarf, from something as simple as draping it over your shoulder to ridiculous knots that belong to a stitching manual. We've gathered only the most straightforward methods you can instantly learn and apply right now. Read on! 


This is the most basic method to wear a scarf; drape it over your shoulders or neck and let the ends dangle loosely. To prevent scarves from slipping off your neck, the drape works best with medium-weight scarves.

Overhand Knot

An overhand knot, like an ascot, is similar to tying a knot in your shoelaces but on your scarf. Bring one end of the scarf over and under the other side, then draw it through the loop. The knot is then flattened and adjusted as needed.

Place the scarf around your shoulders and tie them up like you would with a shoelace. Adjust the front to be smoother and tighter around the neck as needed.

Once Around 

This is the most popular technique for guys to wear scarves and is very self-explanatory. Circle the scarf once around your shoulder and hang both ends in front.

How to knot it: Wrap the scarf around your neck once, leaving two ends dangling in front.

Twice Around

This is one additional level of warmth than the once-around knot since you're wrapping your scarf around your neck twice. This knotting technique is best suited to longer scarves.

Wrap the long scarf around your neck twice, leaving two short ends dangling in front.


Men can wear a scarf and still exude a sense of functionality with a sprinkle of fashion. These fabrics aren't just a fashion statement you have to put up with. They're handy for protection against the elements, as well as handy first aid for bleeding or whatnot.

If you want to start your journey as a sophisticated man of fashion, Scarflings has your needs covered! Our men’s scarf collection provides you the best scarves handpicked by our in-house stylists to suit your tastes and personality. Order now!