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A Man's Primer to the Scarf

Nowadays, wearing a scarf is not only used for battling the cold. Instead, it served as a fashion staple for most people—making way for unforeseen combinations in clothing. But no matter how fashionable people can potentially look while wearing a scarf, it’s easy to mess up the look and end up looking old-fashioned. Therefore, for men trying to ace their fashion scarves game, here are a few tips to remember while wearing a wrap around their necks.

1. Keep it Simple

The first thing men should remember when wearing a scarf is that simplicity is vital. Scarves are accessories, and like all accessories, they should enhance the look, not take away from the outfit. Therefore, wearing a scarf should be a minimal addition to an outfit.

First, choosing a more straightforward design and color for their scarf; favoring something unusual can easily mess up their look. Second, opt for a thinner scarf to avoid looking out of place. Plus, wearing a scarf is easier and more versatile than wearing a coat or heavy sweater. 

2. Explore Masculine Prints 

Tying a scarf is one fun way to experiment with fashion. However, men should note that the pattern is the most critical aspect. One way to explore patterns is to find a scarf with a concept. Men can choose a scarf with a tribal print for a more relaxed, calm, and even elegant look. Darker-colored scarves are also ideal as they can offer a more versatile style option. 

Exploring scarves in patterned fabrics and prints can be refreshing, especially if they’re trying to be more fashion-forward. For a print scarf, choose a pattern that might be more conservative. Therefore, a tartan plaid is an all-time classic that will never go out of style. Choose a color that will best match their other attire. Pretty much, the pattern of the scarf doesn’t matter as much as long as it matches the rest of the look.

3. Never Fear Bold Colors 

Incorporating masculine prints in their outfits will push men to try bold colors for their scarves. For instance, men can choose a bright red scarf for warmer days. They can also select a black or dark blue for cooler days. Pay attention to the color of the scarf when matching it with the rest of the outfit.

4. Master the Wrap 

One of the most popular ways to tie a scarf is simply to wrap it around the collar. However, men should note that this is one of the most accessible scarves to mess up. A common mistake is to wear a scarf that is too short or too long—it’s preferable to wear a scarf that covers a little of the shirt collar. Another mistake is to leave the scarf untied simply—it’s better to tie a knot on the left side to avoid looking like a woman.

5. Choose the Correct Fabric

Another essential thing to remember is that the scarf’s fabric is as important as the color. For instance, thin knits are ideal for spring and summer, while wool and cashmere are ideal for fall and winter. Men have to look at their scarves and make sure the fabric can meet their needs.


The best way to wear a scarf is to stick to something classic and straightforward. It means wearing it tied with a knot in the front for men. Men should tie their scarf in a knot that isn’t too loose or too tight to avoid looking older. They can also experiment with their scarf tying styles; if they want a high-fashion look, they can wear a scarf tied in a knot on the back.

Scarflings believe in the supremacy of fashion scarves as a statement piece to a dull outfit look. That’s why we offer a scarf subscription box service—designed for people willing to invest in cute scarves that could potentially bring every look to life. Subscribe to our subscription box today and get a scarf that matches your personality.