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How to Make Plain Scarves Look More Interesting

Scarves are a simple way to spice up an everyday outfit. It complements and adds personality to the most mundane fashion combinations, such as the plain t-shirt and jeans look. This piece of accessory can completely transform a typical wardrobe at any given time.

Scarves allow us to mix and match the designs and ensembles of our wardrobe essentials. What if you needed to change from a single black outfit to seven different personas while on the road? Scarves simply come to the rescue.

The best part is that you can wear scarves over and over again in many different ways! Let’s take a look at the twelve ways you can make even the plainest scarves look more interesting!

Tie a Scarf in a Half-Bow

To tie a half-bow scarf, wrap it once around your neck and tie it like shoelaces. Then, using one edge of the scarf, tie a single loop, as though tying a single bow on your shoes. Wrap the longer scarf part around your neck twice, once in front and once behind. Then fluff the loop as desired.

Make a Scarf Bow

Wrap the scarf around your neck, smoothing out the ends as you go. The scarf should then be tied in a bow. This needs the use of a longer scarf to pull off.

Make a Scarf Braid

This scarf style is simple to do. First, wrap the scarf twice around your neck. Thread one end through the loop, twist it and then do the same with the other.

Tie a Rosette Scarf Belt

Wrap a long scarf around your waist and twist it until it curls. Twist and arrange the flowers in a beautiful arrangement. Then make sure to bind the loose ends together.

Make a Three-tiered Knot

Start by wrapping the scarf around your neck in the opposite direction. Wrap the scarf piece over your neck and relax it. Next, wrap the loop around your neck in front of the knot.

Make a Simple Slip Knot

Wrap your scarf twice around your neck. Then tuck the scarf ends into the loop.

Do a Half-Bow Cinch Technique

Wrap the scarf around your neck from back to front while paying special attention to the middle. Then tie the ends together and wrap one end around the laces to form a rabbit ear. These correct and fluff the entire final look.

Tie a Looped Knot

Join the ends of the scarf. To wear it around your neck, open the loop. Use this style for thin scarves.

Tie a Muffler Scarf Around your Neck

Carry a wide scarf over your neck. On one shoulder, tie a little knot with the other corner. Don't forget about the final turn.

Do a Knotted Row

To make the ties, wrap a thinner scarf over your neck. Increase the number of knots while leaving some space. Then set the scarf in its right place.

Tie a Slip Knot Ascot

Tie a basic slip knot with one end of the scarf within the loop.

Tie a Double Knot

This is a style of wrapping a scarf around your neck without hiding it. The scarf should be knotted at both ends. Adjust each end so that the knots are properly spaced.


Now that you know all the different ways you can wear a plain scarf, you’ll never have a boring outfit again! Scarves are simply great for all seasons, and they come in different cuts and sizes that could be modified depending on your mood. So whatever the day calls for, just keep these scarf style tips in mind.

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