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Why Scarves are Essential to Fashion for Women Over 60

For most women over 60, scarves are a fashion trend that we are hesitant to hop on. Still, that doesn’t stop us from naturally gravitating towards them in clothing stores. If you have a closet filled with scarves that you don’t use, then it’s time to bring them out.

As the fall season rolls around, scarves are the best accessory to any autumnal outfit. If you need more reasons to use scarves, here are some of the reasons why scarves are essential to fashion for women over 60.

They Make Us Embrace Our Age

Scarves are a staple to the wardrobes of a woman at any stage in her life, but more prominently so in older women. As a result, older women tend to avoid it, opting instead to dress “younger.” However, fashion experts encourage us to embrace our age. 

Styling outfits based on age-appropriateness will help you feel more comfortable and empowered than you think. If you try to dress younger, then you are actually convincing people that you are older, in a paradoxical twist of fate. 

If you incorporate more scarves into your outfits, not only will it add a touch of flair to anything you wear, but it will make you look sophisticated and sure of yourself.

There Are Many Colors to Choose From

The beauty of scarves is that while their overall design is simple, it comes in many colors and styles. It can match any outfit that you have prepared for the day and should fit any color palette that you want. 

If you want to keep it simple, we recommend that you choose solid-colored scarves or just something that isn’t too busy-looking. This will elevate any outfit that you have, and it can accentuate your look. 

Try finding ones that fit the color palette of the majority of your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a scarf that you can easily pair up with your tops. 

They Are the Best Add-on to Any Outfit

If styled the right way, your scarf will blend well in any outfit to make it look clean and put together. However, it is important that you avoid any fashion don’ts to maximize the look of your scarf. For instance, it is not a good idea to tie your scarf, as it can harm your look.

A scarf is meant to complement the rest of your outfit, and tying it could draw too much attention to it, ruining its purpose. As long as you style it in an effortless fashion, you should keep your sophisticated look.

The Right Scarf Makes an Outfit Look Clean

Simple scarf colors and patterns will make any of your outfits look clean. As a general rule, you should give the people only one thing to focus on at a time. If each piece of your outfit stands out and disrupts the cohesiveness of your look, then it will be too distracting.

With the right scarf and outfit, you will look neat, sophisticated, and fashionable.


If you are a woman over 60, don’t be afraid to try and incorporate more scarves into your wardrobe. It is an underrated fashion statement that can elevate any look you choose to set, especially in this fall season. 

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