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Different Style Tips in Wearing a Shawl with Your Dresses

A shawl is an accessory that offers both style and purpose to your ensemble. If your arms are cold and you’re going out for the night, it’s always a great idea to go for a warm shawl. They are incredibly adaptable pieces that may easily convert your dress into one of elegance and beauty. 

You can try a new shawl style every time you go out because there are so many. Get some inspiration from the ones provided below!

Keeping It Simple with Shoulder Wrap

This easy wrap technique can keep your arms warm. To keep your hands free all night, wrap your shawl over your shoulders and let it drape over your arms. A safety pin can be used to keep your shawl closed in the front.

A scarf or a cardigan can be worn underneath if it isn’t warm enough. If the shawl has a lot of fabric, drape one side over one shoulder and let the other hang down in front.

Staying Warm with Behind the Back Tie

Allow your dress’s front to impress while keeping your shoulders toasty. Pull the shawl’s hanging ends behind your back after draping it over your shoulders. To keep the majority of the fabric pushed behind you, tie the ends together in a double knot.

Simply loosen the knot and slide the shawl off your shoulders when it’s time to take it off. This is an excellent technique to change the look of the top of your dress without hiding any decorations or designs on the front.

Being Fashion-Forward with One Shoulder

Drape the shawl over your right shoulder for a stylish, asymmetrical effect. This chic take on the basic wrap is more about style than function.

If you’re afraid about your shawl sliding off because it’s not attached to anything, use a brooch or a safety pin to keep it in place. This is a great technique to give a black or neutral outfit a burst of color.

Using Your Shawl as a Scarf

Use your shawl as a neck covering if your arms are covered. Fold your shawl in half accordion style to make it six inches broad. Then, wrap the shawl once around your neck like a scarf to keep it in place. 

Try tying the scarf’s loose ends together in the front to make it a little more elegant.

Enjoying an Evening Cocktail with Asymmetrical Wrap

This sophisticated look is ideal for an evening gathering. Pull the right end of the shawl around your torso, then drape it over both shoulders. Tuck the right end underneath the left end to hold the shawl in place. 

Long evening gowns or cocktail dresses are ideal for this aesthetic.

Enhancing Your Evening Gown with a Draped Shawl

For an evening gown, use your shawl as an extra-long layer. Pull the ends of your shawl together underneath your left arm and drape it across your right shoulder. Then, pin the ends of your shawl together with a safety pin to keep it in place. 

This is an excellent technique to highlight a floor-length gown. You may also use this strategy to add interest to a monotone outfit.

Highlighting Your Shawl with Front Wrap

With this clever approach, you can turn your shawl into a centerpiece. Pull the shawl across your chest and down your back, allowing the hanging ends to fall over your shoulders. To keep the shawl in place, use a safety pin to pin it together behind your back. 

Make a statement with a lengthy necklace that contrasts with your scarf.

Standing Out with a Cape

For an attractive night out, transform your shawl into a trendy cape. Pull the shawl over your chest and back, letting the ends hang. To hold the shawl in place, pin the ends together behind your back, then tuck the excess fabric in front underneath itself. 

Because this is a unique way to wear a shawl, you’ll be noticed wherever you go.


These are all exciting and fun ways to wear your scarf. You may even be experimental and try out-of-the-box new ways to show it off. Who knows? You might end up being a trendsetter!

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