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Styling Up Your Evening Wear with a Scarf

There’s a reason cute scarves never go out of style. Apart from completing one’s outfit and elevating even the most casual looks, the right ones also make a stylish evening wrap for more formal events. 

If you are not that sure how you could use a scarf to make your evening look even more unique, this post is for you:

Best Evening Scarf Materials for Any Season

Typically, we can classify scarves into two categories: lightweight and thick and warm. Lightweight scarves are the most commonly used for evening use, especially for the summer season. They are light and thin but can keep the wearer’s neck warm. These scarves are also perfect for wrapping since they have the correct size and fit. Thick and warm scarves, on the other hand, are best worn in the winter season.


Silk is an excellent material for evening scarves. With its luxurious feel, silk is perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their evening look. It is lightweight and thin but can keep one warm. However, choosing a silk scarf can be tricky since it is available in a variety of textures and prints. You may want to get a plain or printed silk scarf to match your evening look and leave the fancier ones for special occasions.


Satin is another material that is perfect for the evening. Lightweight and soft to the touch, satin is comfortable to wear and adds a touch of elegance to your evening wear. Since the satin fabric is usually shiny, it is advisable to pair a satin scarf with a dress or dressy top and skirt. To wear a satin scarf, you may pull it over your shoulders or simply fold it into a triangle and put it on your shoulders.


Another type of silk scarf is charmeuse. It is a lightweight fabric perfect for evening wear, especially when you want to top off your elegant look with a touch of shine. It is soft to the touch and of a thick texture. Charmeuse is usually used to make evening dresses. You could use it as a scarf, but it is best to wear it as a shawl.


Chiffon is one of the most commonly used materials for scarves. It is a lightweight and flowy material that is perfect for warm weather. It is soft and comfortable to wear, and you could simply tie it around your neck or use it as an evening wrap by folding it and tying it in different ways. In addition, chiffon is available in different colours and prints that you could use to match your basic evening look.

How to Choose the Right Color or Pattern

Apart from choosing the suitable material for your evening scarf, you also need to select the right colour or pattern to match your outfit. Most women indeed love frilly and colourful evening scarves. But if you want to find that perfect evening scarf, one that goes well with your outfit, you may have to be selective.

When choosing an evening scarf, you have to consider the outfit you will wear. If you wear a dress or a dressy top, an all-black scarf or a simple printed one will do. Avoid using scarves with detailed prints or frills since they may overpower your pretty dress. You may pair your scarf with a plain evening dress for a more sophisticated look.

Always Consider Your Other Accessories

Apart from choosing the right colour or pattern for your evening scarf, you also have to consider your other accessories. You need to know that your scarf should always complement your look and not overpower it. For an easy way to coordinate your accessories, you may choose accessories with the same colour as your scarf or one that can match your scarf. An alternative would be to coordinate your accessories with your dress’ fabric or print.


You can easily make your evening look more memorable with the right dress and accessories. If you are going to a party or a gala event and want to boost your style, adding an evening wrap will undoubtedly do the trick. If you want to look glamorous and elegant, you can always choose a printed satin scarf with intricate designs and patterns. And if you want to look simple yet stylish, you may choose a simple silk or chiffon scarf in black or white.