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9 Stylish Ways to Tie Your Scarf

Scarves are a great way to elevate your look, revered as one of the best accessories. However, it can be a really powerful asset that can end up making or breaking your outfit. If you desire the former result, the best way is to find a stylish tying technique that works for your scarf and everyday clothes.

There are several choices that you can try out. Here are the top stylish ways to tie your scarf and show up accessorized.

1) Classic Loop

Any kind of loop would be simple, but nothing beats the classic because of how easy and popular it is. Drape the scarf in front of you before you fold it and put the two ends behind your neck. Bring both ends back around and secure it in place, tugging it through loose ends.

2) Basic Knot

If you want to add a little more flare beyond loops, a basic neck knot should look much better. Get a good-quality scarf and wrap it around your neck once or twice, depending on the length. Afterwards, tie the ends together and position them by the front of your neck.

3) Braid

Braids don’t have to be a pattern that’s reserved for your hair alone. Maneuver your scarf to emulate the same folds, though it’s best to be a little looser with how you’re working with it. Once you complete the series of twists, loop it around to secure loose ends again. 

4) Cowl

Cowls are great if you want to create a rounder shape with your outfit or if you're going to hide the neckline of a tighter top you’re wearing. Get a scarf that has fringes and place the scarf around your neck in a series of loose wraps.

5) Drape

If you want something with minimal effort, just using the scarf as a shawl would work. This doesn’t even really involve tying since the fabric will only be around your shoulders or arm, with both ends just hanging by the sides.

6) French Knot

The French knot twist can be quite simple, taking inspiration from the embroidery pattern of the same name. With your scarf, fold it in half while putting it around your shoulders. Space it out so that the loose end will be longer, ready to be pulled over the loop you created through the fold.

7) Faux Knot

Making a false or faux knot can look pretty convincing even though you wouldn’t have to tie much. In reality, it’s a series of different loops that you eventually tuck the loose ends of the scarves in. It can be quite chic, suitable for anyone wearing a blazer or long sleeves.

8) Side Bow

The complete opposite of a faux knot may be a side bow, which requires you to tie your scarf almost like a shoelace. Make a ribbon and tighten the knot before positioning it to a side of your neck that you believe flatters your look.

9) Double Bandana

If you’re looking for a streetwear style of putting your scarf on, the double bandana is perfect. Some people may be skilled at positioning the hanging end on the front of their chest right away and tying it as such, but you can also make the knot at the front first before turning it around.


There are several other ways to tie your scarves, but just be sure to have the right options and style when experimenting with your accessories. Consider getting multiple scarves of different ranges through a monthly subscription package or a bulk order.

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