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The Different Ways That You May Wear Your Summer Scarves

Most people would think that wearing your scarf during the summer season would be counterintuitive; however, many do not realize that there are actually ways for you to wear them without feeling uncomfortable. If you really want to put on your scarf collection despite the climate, you may take note of the following tips to wear them uniquely.

Wear a Vest

Accessorizing is one of the easiest ways that you can wear your scarf during summer. If you are going to put on your scarf during summer, you may choose a patterned scarf to match your outfit and wear a vest over it. The vest may accentuate your outfit, and you won’t feel that much warmth.

Tie It Around Your Wrist

If you think that you do not need to wear a vest because you already have a scarf around your neck, you can uniquely wear your scarf through another method. You may tie it around your wrist and wear it like that during the summer season. This way, you still get to wear your scarf, but you won’t feel that much warmth. You may also try wearing it over a sleeveless blouse during summer.

Wear It As A Headband

You can even fashion your scarf into a headband during summer! You can do this by wrapping the scarf around your head and then tying it into a bow. You can also tie it under your chin and let the left side of your hair hang loosely. You may also use a skinny scarf that is long enough to wrap around your head like a headband.

Use It As A Belt

During summer, you may try wearing your scarf as a belt. You may choose to wear a blouse that has a patterned part that can be matched with your scarf. If you already have a patterned blouse, you can wear a scarf that has a matching pattern. You can wear the scarf around your waist just like how you would wear a belt.

If you are still not convinced that the above ways to wear your scarves during summer are a good idea, we may also suggest that you wear your scarf as a belt around your waist. After all, putting on a scarf as a belt may actually look easy to wear and time efficient!

Use It As A Bandana

If you have a thin scarf, you may wear it as a bandana. You may use a scarf to protect your hair and face from UV rays. You may also wear it to keep the sweat from dripping down your neck. You can also try wearing it around your neck and tucking it into your shirt or blouse.

Wear A Tank Top

You may also wear a tank top that can pass as a dress with a scarf. You will not have a hard time putting on your scarf, and you will get to wear it in a different way. You can also wear a tank top with shorts and a scarf. You may also choose a tank top with a lace design to wear it with your scarf.


Wearing your scarf during summer may seem counterintuitive, but there is no doubt that you can still wear it in a different way without having to exert yourself in the heat. You can pass as a chic lady even when the temperature is rising.

You may try some of the tips above, and most importantly, you should only wear your scarf in a way that you find comfortable.

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