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Wearing Scarves with Earrings: A Few Things to Remember

The cold weather signals that it's time to wear your cute scarves again. What you don't look forward to is having to give up your favorite jewelry. Well, here's some good news: you don't have to! With the right type of earrings and smart styling, you can wear your scarves and stay sparkly no matter the season:

What Type of Earrings Are Better with a Head Scarf?

As you're reading this, probably your mind is racing with the question: "What can I wear to stay warm without looking like I'm wearing a giant beanie?" Traditional fashion experts say that you should wear hoop earrings to add balance to the area around your face. But you have so many options. The best type of earrings for you will vary depending on the look you're going for and your personal preference.

1. Statement Earrings

A pair of statement earrings are the easiest to wear with a headscarf. Consider a pair of drop earrings or chandelier earrings. You can wear a statement earring dangling from your scarf and keep your other ear free by wearing your earring on one side. Or, wear a statement earring on both sides. For some headscarves, you can even do both, albeit not in the same ear.

2. Studs

You can replace statement earrings with stud earrings. Stud earrings are the simplest option, and they're a great way to pair a new scarf or headband with one of your old earrings.

3. French Wires

French wires aren't as popular anymore, but they make an excellent option for a scarf. This type of earring makes your ear look smaller, so they're great for smaller heads.

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings make your ear look more prominent, and thus, they're great for bigger heads. They're also the most traditional option for the look and feel of a scarf.

Choose Scarves and Earrings That Go with Your Face Shape

It's essential to understand what goes with your face shape so you can find scarves and earrings that are flattering.


Those with oval faces should stay away from big earrings. They should also try to balance the broad design with a long, thin earring.


If you have a round face, you can wear pretty much any type of earring and scarf. Just make sure that your scarf and earrings don't have lines too much alike.


If you have a square-shaped face, you should opt for a scarf that doesn't go beyond your jaw. You're better off with a scarf that has a geometric design since it will make your face seem more round.


Heart-shaped faces are characterized by oval cheeks and a narrow chin. It would be best if you avoided big earrings since they'll only make your face look bigger.

Different Ways to Style Head Scarves

Headscarves have done more to fashion than a typical scarf. They're not just for everyone. They allow you to be unique and use your creativity to make your look unique.

1. Classic Head Wrap

This is the most traditional way to wear a scarf. Simply wrap it around your head, and tie it in a bow or a loose knot. You can even add a hat for additional warmth.

2. Headband

A headband is exactly what it sounds like. You can wear a headband over your ears or in the center to keep your hair back.

3. Semi-Directional

This style is perfect for anyone who wants to show off a particular piece of jewelry. Simply wrap your traditional scarf around your head, but leave a portion of the scarf that falls outside of the front of your scarf. This is a great style to show off statement earrings.

4. Hair Tie

This style is simple. Tie your scarf around your hair, and then pull the loose ends of the scarf through the tie.


Cute scarves are the perfect way to stay stylish when the weather gets cold. Just make sure that you choose a scarf and earrings that complement each other. Keep your face shape in mind as you go about your shopping. Finally, have fun with your look.

If you’re looking for new cute scarves to keep you warm and stylish at the same time, check out our silk collection at Scarflings. We have different styles and designs of scarves that will surely suit you. Find your new favorite scarf today!