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6 Effective Tips to Care for Your Luxury Silk Scarves

Keeping your silk products in good condition is important. Many women are hesitant to clean their luxury silk scarf because they fear damaging its delicate fabric. Luxury silk scarves can make any outfit, but they require special care. 

Just like fine china, they break easily and will stain if not properly maintained. This guide will explain how to clean your luxury designer scarf the right way when you don't have the time to have it dry cleaned.

1. Make Sure the Water Isn't Too Hot

One of the most common ways women ruins their silk scarves is by washing them incorrectly. In the rush of getting ready in the morning, they throw their scarves in the wash on a hot cycle. 

If the water is too hot, it will ruin your scarf and damage the other clothes in your wash. The heat of the water will ruin the color of your scarf. Stick to lukewarm water when cleaning your scarf.

2. Only Use a Bit of Soap

Never use a detergent with bleach in it. Bleach will ruin the color and luster of your scarf. Just add a small amount of mild soap to the water. A good choice is to use a small amount of baby shampoo.

3. Be Gentle With It

Never rub your scarf against the washcloth or other clothing. Always hold the scarf by the edges when washing it. If the scarf does not absorb water easily, place it in the wash and just let it soak for an hour. After that, gently squeeze out the excess water and hang it to dry. Never wring it out.

4. Rinse It Properly

You don't want to leave soap residue on your scarf. Rinsing it properly is the key to making sure this doesn't happen. After washing your scarf:

  1. Place it in the wash.
  2. Add a few cups of white vinegar to the water. This will rinse out any residue left on the fabric.
  3. Be sure you rinse the scarf well.

5. Iron It Out

When you dry your scarf, don't just hang it up to dry. This will leave wrinkles in the fabric. Instead, use an iron to get out the wrinkles. Lay the scarf flat on a hard surface.

Set the iron on the lowest setting. Press the iron down hard on the scarf. After the scarf is dry, use the iron to get out any wrinkles that may have formed.

6. Store It Properly

Be sure to store your scarf properly. Never fold it up and stuff it in a drawer. This will cause the delicate fabric to wrinkle. Instead, wrap the scarf around a piece of cardboard or a hanger and place it in a box. 

If you have a lot of scarves, consider purchasing a garment bag. This will protect the fabric and keep it from wrinkling. 

The Bottomline

There you have it! These are the main things to keep in mind when cleaning your luxury silk scarf. 

You do not need to take your scarf to the dry cleaner all the time. In just a few minutes, you can wash your scarf at home. Be sure to follow the instructions above, and your scarf will last for many years to come.

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