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Best Tips in Storing and Preserving Fine Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are both an investment and a long-term relationship. They are luxurious, beautiful and can essentially be considered wearable art. You should only buy a silk scarf if you plan to keep it for years. The best way to engage with your scarf is to take it to the dry cleaners, but there are other methods that you can use at home, such as washing your scarf by hand.

Here are some of the best tips for fine silk scarves' preservation and storage:

Address Creases and Wrinkles

Steam is usually great at handling silk when there are wrinkles in it. That said, having a steamer is not a regular occurrence for many people. Thankfully, it's rather easy to hack this in the home: while you take a hot shower, keep the scarf hanging in the bathroom.

It's also possible to iron silk, though it has to be done very cautiously. Some irons even have a silk setting on their iron. For those that don't, the lowest heat setting on the iron will do the trick. It's important for the silk to be dried when it's ironed, and for a cloth to be placed as a barrier between the iron and the silk scarf. 

No spraying or moisture of any kind should be done; otherwise, water stains will appear.

Hand Wash

Under no circumstances should a silk scarf ever be placed in a washing machine. The first thing to note is that bleach should never be an option. Of course, it's vital to read the label of any detergent before it gets anywhere near your silk. Don't worry if the phrase "suitable for silk" doesn't appear: if it's good for "delicates," it will work just as well. After all, aren't fine silk scarves rather delicate? 

  1. Put silk scarf in cold water with a detergent that's silk-friendly and mild
  2. Soak for 5 minutes at most.
  3. Swish the scarf gently, in a slow manner.
  4. Use fresh water to rinse.
  5. Use a little hair conditioner or fabric conditioner during the final rinse.
  6. Use cold water to rinse.
  7. Do not wring the scarf for excess moisture to be removed: ball it together.
  8. Address lingering moisture by laying it flat.
  9. Roll it up in a towel.
  10. Lay it out flat so it can dry.


Silk scarves are best put away in a dry, cool place. Since they're prone to creasing, leaving it bunched up or folded will be counterproductive. Long-term storage should be done with a breathable fabric bag. Keeping it away from the sun is especially vital here, so that the fiber doesn't weaken and the scarf maintains its color. Never store silk scarves with plastic bags because those lock moisture in. 


Silk scarves are an absolutely elegant part of any wardrobe; they're also very delicate. Preservation is best done through hand washing, proper drying and steaming wrinkles away. Storage is best done through hanging them up in a cool, dry place.

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