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How to Wash and Care For Wool Without Ruining It

As the temperature grows colder, nature’s palette becomes more red and yellow, and the days turn shorter, summer begins to leave silently for fall to take over. Fall may not be as much looked forward to as the season that came before it, but the slight chill in the air and the beautiful warm colors of the leaves offer a comforting and mesmerizing experience that no other season can offer.

With fall arriving soon, you know what that means—it’s time to take your wool shawls and other garments out of storage! There’s nothing like a good wool garment to keep things nice and cozy during the season of reds, oranges, and yellows. 

As one of nature’s best insulators, wool provides a nice layer to keep you warm but not too hot. Thanks to their moisture-absorbent properties, wool can stay dry for a longer time and help regulate your body temperature. When you wear the right kind of wool shawl, you can enjoy the beauty of the fall season while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable!

On Wool Care

The great thing about wool is that it’s lightweight yet strong, so you can expect your wool shawl to last for years. However, although you can depend on the durability of wool garments, it’s crucial to remember that their quality and longevity will also be largely reliant on how you wash and care for them.

Wool is slightly different from your other clothing, so you must know how to care for it correctly. If you’re unsure how to keep your wool shawl clean without the risk of ruining it, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of handy tips below to make wool care a breeze. 

Hand Wash

When washing your wool shawl, we recommend reading and following the care instructions provided by the manufacturer before trying anything else. If the tag indicates that it isn’t machine safe, then you’ll have to wash it by hand.

Hand washing wool is much easier than many think. Although “hand washing” implies that you use your hands to wash the wool, the water and soap actually do most of the job. To hand-wash your wool shawl, simply fill the sink of the bathtub with lukewarm water and add some wool soap. 

After mixing the soap well in the water, submerge the wool garments and let them soak for at least ten minutes. Remember to give your wool a swirl and gently rub any particular areas that need attention with your hands.

Machine Wash

Wool and washing machines aren’t exactly good friends, as this type of fabric tends to shrink and lose shape because of the heat and spinning from the appliance. However, there are exceptions—recycled wool and new wool can stay soft with each wash.

If you have multiple wool garments, don’t forget to separate the lights from the darks. Once you’ve added wool soap to the dispensing drawer, run the “wool wash” option, but if your machine doesn’t have one, run the lowest possible spin cycle to avoid as much friction as possible.

Dry Clean

Dry cleaning is the best way to wash wool garments, although it’s quite an expensive service. If you have the budget to have your wool garments dry cleaned, we recommend opting for this option. If you can’t shell out money to have your wool dry cleaned, hand wash is an excellent alternative to keep your wool clean.


There’s no better way to express your style while staying cozy during fall than with a high-quality wool shawl! Wool is undoubtedly one of the best garments to have throughout the colder months, but it won’t last until the end of March if you don’t wash and care for it properly! Make sure to take care of your wool so that you can feel fashionable and comfortable for the months to come.

Are you looking for the best wool shawl to keep you warm during the colder seasons? Then, we at Scarflings may have just what you need! With attention to the finest details, our garments are meticulously conceived and crafted to reflect contemporary tastes and sensibilities. Browse our collections today!