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5 Ways to Tie a Scarf for Men

Scarves are known to be one of the best fashion accessories that can instantly give a finishing touch to your outfit and make you look smart. Still, in most cases, people don’t know how to wear a scarf like a pro and make each scarf an accessory piece. Here are simple yet impressive ways to tie a scarf for men.

1. The Wrap-Around

For this type of scarf tie, you need a long scarf. Wrap it around the neck and place the middle part in front of your neck. Then, wrap one layer onto another until there’s nothing left anymore. For the loose ends, you only need to tuck them in for a turban-like effect—and that’s it! You get to stay stylish and warm. 

2. The Slip-Knot

Also known as the European Loop, this specific way of tying a scarf works both on formal and casual wear. To wear it, fold the scarf vertically until you get your desired width, and then fold it to form a hoop. After this, drape the scarf around your neck by placing the hoop on one of the shoulders. After this, take the end with no hoop and place it inside the hoop, tighten it to form the Slip-Knot. 

3. The Ascot

Consider this one of the classic ways to wear a scarf that works well on a suit or jacket. It looks like a loose necktie when worn.

To do this, find the middle part of the scarf and place it behind your neck. Now, the loose ends should be on the front. Take one end of the scarf and place it onto the other end. Make one end pass under the other end, knot them and then make sure both ends are equal. 

4. The Tuck-In

Feeling trendy? Then the tuck-in tie is a great choice to wear your scarf. It’s also one of the best ways to tie a scarf when you’re in a rush. 

Find the middle of the scarf and drape it from the front part of your neck all the way to the back. Wrap it around your neck once and adjust it based on how relaxed you want it to look. Once you get the right adjustment, take both ends and tuck them into the loop. 

5. The Fake Knot

We must warn you; this is one of the most complicated ways to wear a scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck but leave one end of the scarf longer than the other end. And then take the long end of the scarf and form a loop by bringing it behind and around itself. After this, pass the end of the scarf into its own loop. Now, take the other side of the scarf and pass it down the loop to form a knot and tighten it. 

Scarf-Tying Like a Pro

There are many ways to tie a scarf for men. Truth be told, no one way is the “right” or “best” way to tie a scarf—it all boils down to what you like best and what looks best on you. Use these tips to help you tie your scarf and feel confident in your outfit!

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