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Wearing a Scarf with A Suit

There's no doubt that accessories truly play a big role in your overall look. While belts and bags are much easier to add to your outfit, as the temperature drops, many are opting to grab another accessory to keep them warm—a scarf.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to style your outfit with a scarf, particularly menswear. And if you need to wear an elegant, prestigious suit, it might be even harder to shield you from the cold, especially if you don't want your look to go to waste. However, with proper styling, putting a scarf on can actually elevate your look.

Besides warmth, a scarf and suit combo can add character to your whole outfit. So, whether you have a vintage wool scarf or a burgundy one, here are ways to wear a scarf with your suit. Let's dive into it!

Style Tip #1: Over the Neck Drape

A basic way to wear your scarf is by laying it over the top of your suit and letting it hang. This is a great way to let your scarf add something unique to your look while keeping it subtle. It's an easy way to let the scarf support your suit and tie without making your outfit look too busy.

Another thing to note is that your scarf should be made of a similar fabric to your suit. A wool scarf is ideal as it'll feel like a second layer of clothing, while a more lightweight scarf might not feel as warm.

Style Tip #2: Loop Around The Neck

Another great way to wear your scarf is by looping it around your neck to cover the front of your neck. After that, you can then tuck the ends of your scarf into your suit for a polished look.

This is a great way to not only let your scarf play a part in your overall look but also to keep your neck warm. The key here is to ensure that your scarf is long enough to form a loop around your neck but also short enough to let you tuck it into your suit.

Style Tip #3: The Classic Scarf Fold

If you want a polished look, consider doing the classic fold. What you'll need to do is fold the length of the scarf into half and make sure they're aligned, put the middle of the folded scarf on the back of your neck, and let the ends hang. And finally, thread the ends into the loop and tighten as needed.

This is an excellent way to have your scarf be subtle but still play a key part in your overall look. And since you can focus the top of your scarf around your neck and keep it there, it'll help you keep extra warm.

Style #4: The Ascot

The ascot is a traditional folding method that screams sophistication and classic elegance. Fortunately, it's quite easy to pull off. With a thick scarf, like a vintage wool scarf, drape the scarf over the back of your neck and cross the ends in the front to form an "X" with the right side in front. After, loop the right under the left and pull it through the top, adjusting both ends to lay on top of each other.

This style highlights your suit and is a subtle way to wear a scarf. But, you must make sure that the fabric is thick enough to be easy to tie and that the ends of the scarf hang down low enough to be tucked into your suit.

The Bottom Line: Wearing a Scarf with Your Suit Can Keep You Warm and Make You Look Polished and Elegant

While wearing a scarf with your suit can be tricky, the right scarf can make your overall outfit look great. Of course, it's worth investing in fine scarves like a vintage wool scarf or thick burgundy ones to take your look to the next level. Trust us—with these tips; you'll be walking out of your home looking stylish and comfortable as ever.

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