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Becoming a Well-Dressed Gentleman with the Help of Scarves

Men should be able to find quick solutions when they want to dress nicely at any time of the day, and scarves are the perfect accessory to bring that extra oomph. The scarf is one of the most adaptable elements in a man's wardrobe when it comes to accessories. 

It is a versatile accessory that may be worn all year because of its many sizes, fabrics, designs, and applications. Depending on how one wears it, a scarf can be refined, professional, or casual.

Scarves with warmer textiles—such as cashmere, or wool—are thicker and should be worn throughout the winter months. During the spring and summer seasons, linen, cotton, and other lighter fabric mixes should be used—especially if you're wearing a men's scarf for sun or weather protection. You don't want to become sweatier on a hot day.

Below are simple yet excellent tips on how to knot a scarf for a man. Take note, though, that the following guidelines only apply to straight, rectangular scarves. It excludes men's headscarves, which have other ways of tying them, and infinity scarves, which do not require knots.

It's important to remember that each knot may only work with a specific fabric thickness, so bulkier scarves or silk scarves may be too thick or too thin to create the ideal aesthetic.

The Reliability of the Drape

The most basic technique to wear a scarf is to drape it over your shoulders or neck and hang the ends loosely. Medium-weight scarves work best with the drape because they don't slip off your neck.

The Simple Style of an Overhand Knot

An overhand knot, like an ascot, is similar to tying a knot in your shoelaces but on your scarf. You should pull one end of the scarf through the loop by bringing it over and under the other side. The knot is then flattened and adjusted as needed.

The Once Around and the Twice Around Combo

The Once Around is the most frequent manner for guys to wear scarves and is very self-explanatory. To achieve this look, wrap the scarf around your neck once and hanging both ends in front of you.

The Twice Around is a step up from the once-around knot, adding another layer of warmth by winding your scarf twice around your neck. Longer scarves work better with this knotting procedure.

The Beautiful Complication of the Fake Knot

This is one of the trickier knots on the list, but with practice, you'll be able to master it in no time. You should tie a loose knot on one side of the scarf, with both ends draped over your body. Then, with the other end slipping through the knot, tighten and adjust as needed. 

To get the desired aesthetic, a patterned scarf is recommended.

The Comfort of the European Knot

The European knot is another popular way for guys to wear scarves because it forms a cozy knot in the center that stays in place effectively. To make the knot at your neck, fold the ends of the scarf in half to make a loop, then pull those ends through the loop. 

This knot works best with scarves that are medium in weight.


Silk scarves are a great place to start if you want to explore patterned scarves on a smaller scale. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a silk scarf; a good silk blend or imitation fabric will do just fine. The silk scarf can be tied like a cravat or ascot with the ends tucked under a sweater or a shirt for a truly polished, professional look.

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