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Why Packing a Scarf is Great for Holiday Trips

Ah, scarves. They're an amazing fashion statement, and they bring a chic look to anything. They come in a number of styles and colors, affording a huge sense of versatility to all. With everyone starting to travel again, it's definitely essential. Wardrobes can get a major update in several ways from a single scarf alone!

Read on to learn more about why packing a scarf for holiday trips is great:

Babies Get Extra Protection

Parents get a benefit from scarves that go beyond fashion. Little children can use a scarf as a blanket during a long trip in the air or on the road. Rolling up a scarf can also turn it into a makeshift pillow or neck support.

Effortlessly Get That Jetsetter Look

Look at the last airport paparazzi photos of your favorite celebrity. Weren't they sporting a scarf along with a snazzy pair of sunnies? Scarves give off a gorgeous look by default; even if you're in a shirt and jeans, it can easily transform your outfit from simple to chic. Oversized scarves can definitely make this look happen!

It Adds an Extra 'oomph' to Your Eurotrip Outfit

When you think about dressing as a French person, doesn't a scarf come up in the must-wear category? It's not just in France, though. Scarves are incredibly common in Europe, which means looking a little more local on vacation can be achieved pretty easily.

Modesty When Needed

Some countries have places that require a more modest way of dressing. These are usually churches and temples in places like Thailand as well as other parts of Asia and even Europe. Shorts are often frowned upon, alongside the baring of shoulders. A scarf can be used as a "skirt" of sorts or to cover bare shoulders really quickly. That way, it saves the stress of suddenly not being able to enter a place after taking so much effort to get there.

Space Isn't an Issue at All! 

Whether you're putting it in your carry-on or full-on luggage, a lightweight scarf won't really make a dent in terms of weight. Thin scarves also doesn't take up a lot of space either. You can ball up a scarf and stuff it into a bag last minute, and once you unfurl it at your destination, it should work just as well. In fact, some people even go so far as to place their scarf in their handbag or tie it on there somehow like a fun accessory.

Provides Warmth

This one bears mentioning, even if it's basically quite obvious. Pashmina-type shawls are a great way to fend off chills that come from the cold from airplanes. They're just as helpful for bus or train trips, too. It's great for keeping warm when visiting particularly chilly countries, whether it's a entering a tourist attraction or simply walking around and exploring.


Scarves are highly versatile, and they're highly advantageous, especially during travel. Whether thin and lightweight, pashmina-type, or something else, it can make a huge difference. Pack it for your holiday for warmth, effortlessly getting a jetsetter look, and being able to take on a modest look when needed.

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