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Winter Wear: Tips on Rocking a Stylish Shawl in the Cold

The air is getting crisper and colder; in some parts of the world, snow is imminent. Needless to say, winter is right around the corner. Fashion-wise, this means beanies, boots, jackets, and scarves. Upgrade your winter wardrobe in the best possible way by making use of your blanket scarf or Pashmina shawl.

Shawls aren't generally used regularly with casual clothing. There's a misconception that it only goes with a certain type of style. However, a shawl is actually a versatile fashion accessory, especially during the cold winter months!

Read on to learn how you can rock a stylish shawl as winter wear:

Cinch Your Shawl at the Waist Area 

Sometimes, life gets so busy that getting a great outfit going in a snap can be tough. Alternatively, there are times when jumping from a casual look to something more stylish needs to happen all of a sudden. A shawl is a perfect solution to times like this. Just take your shawl, wear it as if you were wearing a cape or jacket over your shoulders, then cinch it at your waist area. If you have access to a coat at that moment, use it to create a layered look. Aside from looking fashionable and put-together, it also offers proportion.

Dress Up Your Casual Outfit With a Cool Shawl

Running out of sweaters and cardigans because they're all in the wash? Shawl to the rescue! Drape it over anything: a shirt and jeans, a blouse and skirt, a plain dress. Not only will you keep your shoulders and arms warm as you cover up, but you'll also have a neat way to upgrade your outfit. 

Turn Your Shawl Into a Top

A single knot can do a whole lot to transform a shawl. When you "wear" it, make sure the shawl's whole width is covering your front. Tie a knot on the backside with the two ends of that. This would be great with either a dress or a skirt. If you have a coat on you, a particularly thick jacket or you're just feeling daring: there's a way to go about the shawl knot that gives you a backless look.

Use Your Shawl Like a Scarf Around Your Neck 

The default way of wearing a scarf that most people take on is by wrapping it around their neck. You can actually do the same with your shawl! Drape it over the back of your neck, making sure that the one end hanging off is longer. Bring it around until both sides are equal. Ta-da, you now have a scarf-like shawl! Blanket scarves are great for this, alongside short shawls.


With winter coming up, staying warm is crucial. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean lumpy or shapeless jackets that are quite thick. It's possible to be stylish while being protected from the cold by wearing a scarf. Rock a stylish shawl by using it like a scarf around your neck, turning it into a top, or cinching it at the waist area.

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