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A Yuppie’s Guide to Rocking Scarves in the Office

The silk scarf is a runway staple for an excellent reason. It is a versatile, luxurious, and functional accessory that will go with anything. If you are in-between seasons, when winter is still cool and summer warm, a silk scarf is a perfect complement to your outfit.

That being said, if you plan on wearing it in the office, you may want to take note of the following tips and tricks first.

1. Know Your Outfit.

The silk scarf is an accessory that should be embedded into your daily attire. This means it is a part of your everyday life and should pair with the rest of your clothing. That being said, you will have to make sure it complements the rest of your clothing.

For example, a shirt dress with a silk scarf will look odd when worn with a sweater. Likewise, a silk scarf and a blazer will look off when paired together. Make sure that you choose a scarf that will go with your overall theme to make the rest of your outfit look more cohesive, relaxed, and stylish.

2. Use it Wisely.

While having a scarf is great, it is not the only accessory you have at your disposal. Choose to use it as a complementary piece and not the primary accessory. The scarf's job is to complement, not be your wardrobe's unique trait.

In addition to this, it is best to use the scarf to add a splash of color and texture to your outfit. You can do this by tying the scarf to hang from the front. Then wear a blazer or cardigan over it to add a little style and warmth.

3. Use it for Added Warmth.

The scarf is a great accessory for the winter months. Be sure to wear it to add a little extra warmth.

You can do this by tying it around your neck, but avoid blocking your face at all costs.

You can also tie it as mentioned above and wear it over a blazer or cardigan. This will add more texture to your outfit, turning heads all the time.

For men, you can wear it under your suit or over your sweater or vest to keep warm.

4. Be Stylish.

If you want to wear a silk scarf in the office, you have to make your style look natural. You don't want to pick a scarf that is too bold or one that adds too much color.

If you pick a scarf, be sure to choose one that will not clash with your dress. The scarf should only be a complement to the outfit.

In addition to this, you should wear it over your jacket or blazer. This will let you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Finally, be sure to pick a scarf that compliments your body. This means choosing one that is the correct length and width. Also, don't pick a scarf that adds too much bulk to it.

The scarf will add a little bit of style to your outfit, so be sure not to pick one that is too big or too small.


With all of that being said, you now have the confidence to wear your silk scarf in the office. Remember to use it wisely, and it must compliment your style so that it will never look out of place.

Remember, subtlety is the key, and when you combine that with your other accessories and clothing, you are sure to make a statement inside or outside your workplace.

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