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5 Colours that Will Rule This Season

Table of Contents

Every year the excitement is full till the brim when Pantone comes out with its ‘Colour of the Year.’ But this is a lot more than just the colour of the year! Living Coral was a stunning warm hue which looks wonderful with deep blues and reds. It, very deservingly, made 2019 all about itself. Giving it its due share, let us get ahead of the Coral and see five more colours that are creating quite a buzz in the fashion and design world.

Citrus Yellow

Bright and in-your-face, the citrus yellow is a perky colour to start your Spring/Summer style in this year. The slight neon undertone to this shade is fresh and absolutely surprising. Isn’t this giving you some serious 80s retro vibe, already?

Dull Sage

While you might think sage is dull and boring, Pantone disagrees and so do we! A Dull Sage is a super delicate and soothing colour and works amazingly well on all skin tones. It enhances your features and this is one colour which is totally perennial throughout the seasons.


Are you questioning this word just like we did? Well, when you have part orange, part red and part pink, this is what you get - the best of all worlds. Persimmon and a vibrant colour which instantly adds a pop to your look. This colour is totally made for that bold Summer and we’d love to see this colour on you! 

 Dusky Rose

This Pantone shade has been standing the tests of time and has always emerged unbeaten! The dusky rose shade has the perfectly cool vibe to it which makes it ideal for Spring, Autumn and Winter, alike! Isn’t this colour absolutely irresistible?

Neon Green

The Neons have made a comeback and how! Totally blessing our wardrobe with some sass, neon green is a vivid option to don when you’re out in the sun. It ain’t going anywhere and this season is just a new beginning for the whole neon army! 

We are certain that so many more colours will be added to this list and we cannot hold our horses to see what Pantone will throw at us next! Can you?