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5 Offbeat Ways to Carry a Scarf Through The Seasons

Scarves for women will always be that one accessory that will remain timeless. Poised and elegant, ladies’ scarves are a great accessory to add some texture to your look. But hold on! If you thought that scarves are just meant to be worn as accessories around your necks, you are sadly mistaken because these babies are absolutely versatile and stunning. Want to see how?

1. Effortless Wristband

We know how some women struggle with tiny wrists and they feel that nothing ever sits well on them. Bursting the myth, a silk scarf would work wonders around your petite wrists. Adorned with a delicate bow towards the end, the silk scarf is surely the new bracelet.

2. Hello Good Hair Days

This is where your quest to turn around bad hair days ends! A bandana scarf adds a tad bit of color to your hair and is actually highly low maintenance. Just wear it around like you’d sport a scrunchy and you’re good to go! You could always up the game with more colors and perkier knots and ties and be certain that the end result will always be marvelous. Try some of these "Temple in the Wild" scarves for your next ‘pickme-up’ hair days!

3. High Fashion Headband

When Summer hits you hard, all you need is those sunnies and a classic headband to ace the day in style. A headband scarf is functional yet brings out the best features of your face. A little curl here and some messy hair there and you’d be nailing the Summer Head Scarf look in a jiffy.

4. Surprise Scarf

Presenting itself at just the right opportunity, the peek-a-boo style of draping a scarf is effortlessly chic. Paired with the whole androgynous undertone, the daintiness of this style is absolutely staggering. Tucked at the waist for some structure and balanced with a flowing loose end, we’re sure you’re digging this look already!

5. Handbag Galore

When your hands can get dressed in scarves, why should your handbags be left behind! Sporting another evergreen Spring trend, knotting a scarf around the bag is a great way to up your fashion game. Needless to say, a bag scarf is a must-have fashion accessory!