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Submission Guidelines

Here are instructions for our Scarfling devotees who would like to participate in the upcoming FREE giveaway contest. This page serves as a guideline for your entries to ensure that you are eligible to claim the prize(s) and that all your entries are valid.

Review Steps

For creating your reviews you have the following options:

  • Video reviews
    - Must be wearing the scarf you purchased.
    - Must be 30 seconds or longer (please no longer than 2 minutes).

    - Must explain why you would recommend Scarflings to your friends and family.

  • Photo reviews / Written testimonials
    - Must include a photo of you wearing the scarf you purchased.

    - Must be at least 3 sentences long.
    - Must be posted in the actual product page.

    To find the product page.
    1. Visit scarflings.com
    2. At the right side of navigation link where our search bar is located, type in the text field the complete product name then hit enter. On mobile, tap the 3 horizontal lines to access the menu where our search bar is visible.

    3. When you land on the product page, scroll down slowly until you see the "Write a review" button.

You can submit as many entries as you want for more chances of winning. A combination of video and photo reviews are also valid and recommended.

How do I submit my entry?

  • For video reviews, please submit your entry to info@scarflings.com
  • For photo reviews, please attach a screenshot of the review that you posted on the product page. Send this to info@scarflings.com

How will I know if I won?

  • We will announce the winners on July 8, 2019 via email to all the participants.
  • A separate email will be sent on how to claim your prizes.
Note: We're accepting all entries until July 7, 2019
Good luck to all participants!