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4 Things You Should Never Do When Cleaning Your Silk Scarf

Scarves are one of the obsessions of some fashion enthusiasts because it provides them different ways to level up their style. If you are also obsessed with the beauty and functionality of scarves, we are here to tell you how you can make them last longer. 

This article will particularly focus on the silk scarf you have. While it’s good that you’re cleaning your silk scarves, you have to make sure that you’re cleaning them properly. Here, we’ll discuss what you should never do when cleaning your silk scarves to avoid damaging them and prolong their lifespan.

Let’s get to it! 

Do Not Ignore the Care Instructions

When washing their scarves, one of the most common things people do is ignore the care instructions. They just put their silk scarf in the washer, not thinking that that may damage the material.

As a scarf collector, it’s crucial to go over the care instructions before doing anything with your scarf. Care instructions are there for you to read, not to ignore. It may be an added task for you, but that’s better compared to damaging your precious scarf. Reading the instructions will help you apply the proper washing method because some silk scarves are only meant for dry cleaning and never meant for hand-washing. 

Never Put Your Silk Scarf in the Washing Machine

The washing machine is a harsh environment for a scarf, especially if it’s silk. While there are scarves that can be washed, don’t choose the washing machine to clean them. Instead, hand-wash them so that they can last longer. A material like silk strictly requires gentle washing so that the fibers of the material will remain intact. 

Do Not Be Harsh to Your Silk Scarf

Harsh things you can do to your silk scarf while washing includes wringing, twisting, and rubbing. As much as possible, do not do these things, or else your scarf will lose its shape, and the fabric will not remain intact. Remember, silk requires gentle washing because it is such a delicate fabric. 

A better way to dry your scarf is by squeezing the water out gently or laying it flat on a dry towel. Then, press and roll it to squeeze the water out. 

Never Put Your Scarf Under Extreme Heat

When a scarf is exposed to heat, it will lose its luster and will possibly shrink. The fibers may even break due to extreme heat. So, never put your scarf either on the dryer or under the sun to avoid damaging the fabric. Exposure to direct sunlight can also make the material lose its color, making the quality and appearance of the scarf look bad.


With proper TLC, you can maintain the quality of your silk scarf and make them last longer. While most silk scarves are made with high-quality materials, it’s still better to be safe than sorry, especially if your scarf is a bit pricey. Take this guide seriously when washing your silk scarf so your scarf can keep its quality for years to come.

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