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Blaze A Trail Of Sleekness

Have you found yourself lost in search of the perfect scarf to match your lifestyle? Behold our Scarflings Subscriptions Box.

Scarflings Subscription Box is a limited edition of high quality scarf collection that marks the beginning of our celebration of your high aesthetic taste.

The Subscription Box is part of our high-profile 2021 Home Collection, where you will receive brand new scarves selected by experts to celebrate your elegant taste, which we will deliver to your doorstep.

Every box you receive from us will unmask a scarf that is suited to your taste – to provide you with a great feeling of beauty, calm, and smoothness – making it difficult for others to take their eyes off from the scarves on your head, your neck, your shoulders, or your wardrobe.

Whether you want to give yourself a magnificent monthly surprise, or you want to light up the soul of your loved ones with these unique gifts, our Subscription Box package is set to blaze a trail of sleekness in your life.

With our multiple color palette, you have a wide range of scarf variety to choose from, while we nurture your taste with couture that is well cultured and tailored for you – giving you that unique look and feel of a celebrity.

Reflect your hero with us today as you set sail on your own Scarflings Hero’s Journey. Sign up to our Scarflings Subscription Box NOW to enjoy a whole new world of unexpected gifted surprises!

Get Your Curated Scarves
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1. Choose Your Scarves Frequency

2. Choose Your Style

Classic Minimalist

Urban Seeker

Bold Trendsetter

3. Order and start enjoying your selected scarves

Scarflings’ Subscribers Speak



A Scarflings scarf is worth a thousand gowns

At Ease.
In A Different Universe.

Whether you want to extend your home or travel wardrobe, Scarflings scarves will give you the flexibility, color, and freedom you need to express yourself anywhere you go. At Scarflings, we ensure our scarves are made from the best fabrics – materials that are built to last. As advocates of keeping a better world, we use eco-friendly products because it is not only good for your purse, but also better for our environment.

So, whether you are going out today, next week, or next year, Scarflings scarves will turn your neutral outfits into textured moments. Feel put together with Scarflings scarves, while we help you steal some spot-in-the-light.

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Step 1.

How often do you want to receive a scarf?

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12 scarves a year


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4 scarves a year

Step 2.

Choose which category of scarf suits you best?

Timelessly Minimal

The Timelessly Minimal box is a blend of traditional and modern femininity, inspired by classic fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn. If you like accessories that complete your looks with a hint of elegance, this box will make you fall in love.

Delivered straight to your door, the designs in this subscription box will shine a spotlight on your personal style all year round.

Neutral & soft shade palettes

Minimal and monochrome patterns, solid color bases

Modern Style-Seeker

Versatility is at the heart of the Modern Style-Seeker box, an edit of some of Scarflings’ best-selling pieces and hidden treasures. Fitting your lifestyle regardless of your next destination, this box was designed to accompany day-to-night looks for every occasion.

Delivered straight to your door, the designs in this subscription box will shine a spotlight on your personal style all year round.

Neutral and deep, classic shades with a pop of boldness

Balanced edit of patterns and classic designs

Bold Trendsetter

Vibrant with designs that exude an uplifting positivity, the Bold Trendsetter box knows no compromise when it comes to daring designs. If you like your accessories to be in the spotlight, this selection of exciting favorites will instantly catch your eyes.

Delivered straight to your door, the designs in this subscription box will shine a spotlight on your personal style all year round.

A colorful wonderland with electric shades

Daring patterns merged with versatile essentials

Are you Timelessly Minimal, a Modern Style-Seeker, or a Bold Trendsetter?

Thank you for taking the quiz and joining our subscription service. Let's get started!

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Choose your package

Standard Offer
$200/ 2 months
  • Shipped with our amazing luxury silver subscription box.
  • Personalized service dedicated to suit your wardrobe perfectly.
  • While your subscription is live, you have an automatic discount of $20 when you buy something from us.
Luxury Offer
$350/ 2 months
  • Shipped with our amazing luxury silver subscription box.
  • 4x Bonus accessories/year: Scarf rings, twillys ($400+) .
  • 2x Per Year: Receive great recommendations and advice from our style experts ($300).
  • Have an automatic discount of $30 when you buy something from us.
  • Luxury Subscription Box members enjoy exclusive privileges - like first to access our limited edition luxury scarves.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

To make sure you are not missing out on next month’s box, please sign up to our service by the 1st of the previous month (so for example, if you are looking to get your hands on our June box, please finalize your subscription by the 1st May.)
If you are unsure which of our three aesthetics match your personal style the most, you can ask for expert advice by filling out our Subscription Questionnaire.
Shipping fees are all included in our subscription service – so you can enjoy your new scarves getting delivered to your door every month, completely free!
All our scarves are packaged in a luxurious gift box to make your surprise even more special.
When creating our subscription box, we focused on creating a truly magical experience to all our customers. To keep the service just as convenient and practical as it is stylish, we’ve included a mix of wool and silk shawls in every subscription (this way, you can wear the designs all year round!)

Cancel & Other Enquiries

You can easily cancel your subscription without having to pay any fees and you can follow the steps to unsubscribe.
I couldn’t find the answer to my question, how can I contact you? For other enquiries, please head to our Contact us page. We try our best to reply to every question within 1-2 business days, but please note that throughout busy time periods, we may take a little longer.

The ScarflingsTM Promise

You want and deserve the best quality scarves and wraps – garments that express your individual flair. We're committed to being your expert, one-stop-shop delivering quality, allure, and style directly to your door.

Season after season Scarflings promises to deliver outstanding pieces that provide the perfect finishing touch and give you the confidence to stylishly power through all of life's adventures.

"A scarf has to be the most beautiful thing ever invented to wear!"

Image R

Melissa Yap


Vancouver, Canada

Still unsure which scarf to choose?

If you would like to take your accessory collection to the next level with a personalized service, our experts are here to help and create your very own Scarflings wardrobe.

With our range of styling services, you can learn more about your aesthetic and find your next favorite piece, all while mastering the endless ways of wearing your scarves.

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