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How to Layer Your Outfit Like a Stylist

Unfortunately, you don't have the luxury of showing some skin in the winter. However, the irony of appearing sleek in the winter is layering clothes stylishly without taking them off. If you're going to wear many layers this season, the challenge is to match them together sensibly and tastefully.

The goal is still to stay warm and cozy in winter and get more use out of non-winter clothes. Mixing different seasons into one outfit is a quick and unique way to layer in style. 

Here are a few layering suggestions you can apply this winter without losing your sense of fashion or sacrificing your comfort:

Start with High-Quality Base Layers

Winter base layers are essential. Having high-quality base layers keeps you warm and also helps you wear day to night clothes easily. You can also adjust outer layers quickly when your base layers are good. 

Start with thermal leggings or turtleneck bodysuits. Put on your day's clothes over the thin layer, a sweater or dress that displays some of the base layer's color or design. You'll be much warmer and more comfortable outside and won't overheat indoors.

You can also use merino wool as a foundation layer since it is lightweight, soft, and inexpensive. Put a thin and fitting block color merino top under one of your favorite summer skirts or shirts to give depth. Don’t forget to season-proof your favorite skirts with a pair of black leggings and boots!

Base layers are also a great way to blend things from your summer outfit. With the right layering, your sleeveless tops and dresses can be worn even in winter. Put this summer staple over long-sleeved tops, cardigans, or sweaters to adapt your outfit as the weather cools. Mix them with looser clothes like a jacket for a comfortable contrast. 

Experiment with Textures 

Now that you've created your foundation layers, you can try to experiment with a textured top. Sleeveless knits or roll necks with asymmetrical slits on the sides of the body are ideal for this situation. Otherwise, a poncho, a cloak, or an oversized cardigan can do the trick to transform your workwear to match day to night.

Mix and Match with Oversized Clothing

You can partner body-hugging base wears with oversized sweaters, cardigans, or shirts. For instance, layering a bomber jacket or long coat over a sweatshirt is a trendy streetwear ideal for weekend errands. Complete the on-the-go style with loose pants and sneakers, and as the temperature starts to dip. This layering approach not only adds complexity to your ensemble without sacrificing style.

Use Scarves for Extra Style

The colder months of spring and winter are the best time to bring your stylish scarves out! Big scarves are a wonderful complement to the wardrobe. By adding color, warmth, and depth, they may easily change your outfit’s style. 

A wide scarf may easily be transformed into a shawl or drape when you're about to go out the door, making your look more polished and put together.

Experiment with Different Lengths

Combine a pencil skirt that falls to the mid-calf with knee-high boots. Leather leg warmers are also fashionable. The oversized coat lends itself to intriguing structural pairings—try it with slim denim or trousers and shoes for a smart look.

Don't Forget About Your Feet

Put a pair of long woolen socks and drag them beyond your shoes the next time you pick up your favorite shoes with jeans or stockings. This provides any outfit with a rough vibe while maintaining your legs and feet toasty warm.

If your clothes are plain, try textured or patterned stockings. Changing the design and texture of your stockings or leggings can boost your look.


A few basic things may make a big difference in your wardrobe when it comes to layering. You may experiment with various designs, colors, and textures to create ensembles that can be worn both day and night. 

Layering is still the most efficient strategy to remain warm in winter. It enables you to be warm and comfy when out and about in cold weather while having the convenience to effortlessly remove clothes while indoors. 

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