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How to Pair A Scarf with A Leather Jacket

A scarf is a versatile accessory that can make any person look chic. It can be the perfect addition to any outfit, and it looks fantastic when you wear it on top of a leather jacket. But because a leather jacket can make a bold statement on its own, pairing it with a scarf can take a bit of consideration.

When to Use a Scarf

A scarf has many uses. You can insulate and cover your head with a lightweight scarf or drape it on yourself to make your outfit pop. Scarves are usually fabulous for the following seasons:

  • Summer - Many people wear a scarf to cover their neck or head during summer. They usually choose a lightweight one made from cotton or silk.
  • Winter - Knitted or wool scarves are great and even essential for insulation during winter. It is designed to provide extra comfort to the wearer.

Different Kinds of Scarf Knots

If you are intent on flaunting your style, the world is your oyster. There are endless fashion combinations and outfits that you can go for, and you can always learn even more styling techniques from fashionistas and trendsetters. 

If you plan to pair your scarf with a gorgeous leather jacket, then the following knots would look perfect on you.

Knotted Neck Band 

Use a thin and lightweight scarf, like one made from silk, and wrap it around your neck. Take both ends and tie them in a double knot. Your scarf should be at least nine centimeters away from your skin. The finished look will seem like a necklace or neckband.

French Knots 

For a French knot, you need to wrap your scarf around your neck twice. Afterward, tie the loose ends together like a bow.

The Cowl

When you wrap the scarf around your neck, make sure that one side is shorter than the other. Wrap your scarf two more times and tuck the loose ends. Behold, you have a gorgeous cowl-wrapped scarf!

Wearing a Scarf With a Leather Jacket

You can always look sassy and jaw-dropping when you know how to coordinate the right fashion elements. If you’re going to wear a scarf with a leather jacket, you need to pair it with other pieces to make the look work. 

A scarf can make your leather ensemble look chic. If you want to sport something that a fashionista would wear, you can follow this simple guide:

Office Casual

Office outfits are the perfect marriage between casual and formal. If you’re going for this vibe, you can layer your outfit with a full-sleeved top, a gorgeous skirt, a coiled scarf, and a pair of high heels. You will undoubtedly exude a sexy and foxy vibe with this ensemble.


If you’re aiming for a more casual look, you can pair a good pair of skinny jeans with leather boots. Afterward, wrap your scarf around your neck so that you can stay warm. As for your inner layers, wear a light-colored shirt and leave the closure open. This outfit will surely make people take a second glance when you pass by.

Street Style 

A leather jacket and pair of leather jeans can result in a very glamorous street style. You can make your outfit even better by layering it with a woolen sweater, a long blouse, high-heeled leather boots, and a pair of leather pants. Top off your look with a cowl scarf. With this ensemble, you’ll be turning heads for sure.


Fashion scarves can make women look stylish and elevate their look to another level. With the layered look that they achieve, they are impressive and gorgeous. If you want to start collecting cute scarves for your daily wardrobe, consider a scarf subscription.

Scarflings offers a wide range of beautiful and high-quality fashion scarves. We understand the latest trends and what looks stylish for anyone. Shop with us for all of your scarf needs!