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Rock Your Outfit with a Scarf: How to Wear it With Confidence

Wearing a scarf is now the new black. It can completely change the way your outfit looks and provide style points that you may never have had before. It's also, however, an easy way to look silly, so knowing how to wear a scarf with personality and confidence is just as important as picking the right one.

Long & Winter Scarves

Wearing a long scarf is very similar to wearing a long necklace. When wearing a long scarf, the first rule is to make sure the colors don't clash. If you are wearing a scarf that is the same color as your skin, the scarf can go undetected. If you are wearing a scarf that is darker than your skin, the scarf will draw too much attention to itself. Just like a necklace, it will be too much.

While wearing a scarf in the fall and winter is totally acceptable and stylish, you may want to opt for a thinner fabric. However, if you are going for the layered look, you will want a scarf that is at least double the thickness of your coat and sweater. This way, you have a nice buffer of extra warmth and protection.

A pashmina or cashmere scarf is the perfect choice for the colder months. The downside to these scarves is that they can get costly, so an alternative option is a simple blanket scarf. A blanket scarf is much cheaper, but it is just as warm and fashionable and can be paired with more casual outfits as well.

Thin or Silk Scarves

If you are wearing a thinner scarf, you will only want to show it off if you have a lighter outfit. Also, unless you are a master with scarf tying, an open neckline is a must. Wearing a scarf in a dress or the top half of a suit is an easy way to make your outfit instantly more stylish.

A silk scarf is a great alternative to a regular scarf because it adds a splash of color that is very classy. When you wear a silk scarf, you can wear just about any outfit you want. There is no issue with clashing colors, and it looks great with both casual and formal attire.

Short Scarves

If your scarf is short, you are going to want to keep your outfit nice and simple. Sometimes, a simple color on a simple background is the easiest way to wear a scarf, and it's likely the way that you will want to wear a scarf if you are a man.

Wearing a scarf on the shorter side, especially if it's a pattern, can be tricky business. You have to make sure that your scarf and outfit are not too elaborate. The less detail you have, the easier it will be to wear a scarf and still look cool.

Rock That Scarf!

You do not have to buy expensive scarves to get the look you want. Just make sure that your scarf is a perfect size and that you know how to tie it in order to make sure you know how to wear a scarf for any occasion.

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