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Easy-to-Wear Scarf Styles That Can Help You Rock Winter

It's that time of year again when you have to put away the summer dresses. You know, the one where it feels like 8 p.m. and you're still wearing a jacket? It's cold outside and there is nothing more comfortable than your favourite sweatshirt and fuzzy socks. 

And the best thing about winter is that you can dress everything up with scarves! Not only are scarves stylish, but they also keep your neck warm on those chilly days. As soon as you slip on your scarf, it feels so right to wear just about anything else! If this sounds familiar, then we have just what you need: 5 easy-to-wear scarf styles that will take away the chill from winter.

The Muffler

The muffler is one of the most fashionable ways on how you can tie your scarf. Its simplicity will just make you want to do it over and over again while feeling cute every single time. It’s also one of the ways to wear a scarf as a top. All you need is a soft and sheer scarf. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Hold one end of the square scarf.

  2. Then hold the other end across with the same hand.

  3. Create a knot by tying both ends twice.

  4. Wear the scarf just over your head with the knot part hidden at the back of your neck.

  5. Lastly, fluff the scarf nicely.

The Square Blanket Scarf

The square blanket scarf perfectly goes with your whole winter ensemble. One of the ways of wearing this scar style is on the head. Here’s how you can create this style:

  1. Fold your blanket scarf in half to create a triangle and make a longer material to work with.

  2. Hold both the ends and cross them behind your head (so both ends would go back around the front).

  3. Finally, tuck the ends under the scar and fluff it nicely to get the perfect look you want.

The Bow

If you aim for uniqueness, then go for the bow. It is a stylish and interesting way to wear your favorite scarf. You can easily create this style as it is super simple to make, and this style is best suited using long rectangular scarves.

You can pair the bow style with simple jeans and a sweater or cardigan ensemble. This will ultimately make you look more elegant.

The Fake Knot

The fake now is perfect using long scarves and then paired with a casual outfit. To create this style, you’ll need to do some simple steps:

  1. Slide your scarf over your shoulder, and then make adjustments in the length, so the left part of the scarf is hanging in front of you (and longer than the other side).

  2. Create a knot on the longer side of the scarf. 

  3. Then, loosen the knot.

  4. Finally, slide the other end (shorter part of the scarf) into the knot.

The European Classic or Loop

The European Classic or loop is one of the simplest and easiest ways to wear a scarf around your neck. You can see celebrities do this, so you can also pull this style easily.

What these celebrity men and women do is use the scarf in a European way. All you need to do is wear it to the center or off to one side to create this simple yet perfect style.


There are so many ways to turn your plain scarf into something incredible like the ones we mentioned above. You can match the different scarf styles with different outfits that would fit the cold season of winter but still look elegant and stylish at the same time. 

Scarflings can help you personalize your choice of scarves with our Scarf Subscription Box. We bring you a diversity of the most beautiful and highest quality scarves anywhere you are in the world. Reach out to us for more information so you can get your hands on our very own quality scarves.