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6 Tips for Buying the Perfect Scarf

Wearing scarves is a wonderful way to add a bit of glitz to your otherwise plain and boring wardrobe ensembles. Timeless, classic, and chic, they are the perfect accessories that will allow you to play up your look on a daily basis, all throughout the year. With so many scarf variations, there are a number of aspects to consider while selecting and wearing a scarf. So when shopping for the perfect scarve/s, keep the following tips in mind:

Scarf Tip#1: Be Wise in Choosing

When selecting a scarf, always consider the material's quality and suppleness. Pamper your senses with a sumptuous scarf; look for pieces soft to the touch, easy to drape, and have a lot of flow or fall. Silk, chiffon, cashmere, soft knit, and charmeuse are just a few of the wonderful textiles available. Wrap a soft and cozy scarf around your neck during the winter.

Scarf Tip#2: Examine Both Sides

Examine both sides of a scarf before purchasing it. The front print may be engaging and visually appealing, but the back print may not be. Remember that when you wear a scarf, both sides are visible. Furthermore, cheaper scarves bleed when washed, destroying the bottom side.

Before making a purchase, check the print and, more specifically, the dye used to avoid blotchy color runs that detract from the overall appeal. Remember that scarves work best when both sides are amazing. Examine all photographs carefully before making a purchase.

Scarf Tip#3: The Longer the Scarf, the Better

This season, long, elegant scarves are excellent for covering up. Long scarves can be used to disguise narrow waists and necklines, while voluptuous ladies might use them to lengthen and balance their bodies. Long scarves can be worn around the neck or in a loose loop with the ends dangling on each side.

Scarf Tip#4: Invest in Neutral Colors

While buying multiple coats for the winter is impractical, changing the scarves on the same coat can give you a new appearance every day. Purchase as many scarves as you can, starting with neutral colors.

Choose a pashmina or woolen shawl in black, brown, or other primary colors like white/cream. Investing in these neutral colors for winter clothing is a must because they match any kind of clothing. You can also go for a more textured scarf since self-colored textured scarves to bring more attention to your accents.

Scarf Tip#5: Keep Scarves with Chic Patterns

After the neutral scarves, seek stylish scarves comparable to those worn by models. Designers prefer patterned scarves; bright colors can brighten up any winter ensemble. To create a one-of-a-kind style, winter textures incorporate snake motifs and sparkling materials.

Scarf Tip#6: Consider the Shade of Your Skin

Choose a scarf that contrasts with your skin tone and does not make you appear drab. If you really want to appear your best, hire a color consultant. If this is not possible, try different scarves on the same or comparable outfits in different colors. All that is left is for you to select scarves in colors that complement your skin tone. It's all about matching scarves to your skin tone while putting together an outfit.


Sometimes, it’s all about looking and feeling your best. And what’s a better way to achieve this than with an effortless fashion styling technique? With the perfect scarves, you can maximize your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to invest in these accessories! More than wrapping scarves around your neck, you can even use it as a headpiece or hair accessory, or an added decor to your handbags and whatnot. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re thinking of investing in wardrobe fashion scarves, Scarflings offers a varied collection of top-quality scarves. With our catalog, you’ll never live a dull fashion day. Shop from our best selling products now!