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Wearing Your Scarf As A Belt: A How-to Guide

The belted scarf trend began in 2014 with Burberry's F/W runway presentation. Years later, the trend continues to be a fashionable choice by many, from high-profile celebrities to casual consumers.

Belted scarves It's a great way to enhance the fit of your clothes. A scarf as a belt is a timeless, low-key, Parisian-chic statement. It adds color and style to every outfit. For a basic dress, scarves can provide a professional and beautiful touch. Wrap it around your belt loops and knot it in the front. It can also dress up denim or work pants and immediately update a casual outfit.

Like any piece of clothing, scarves come in a wide range of styles and specifications. This is why you need to be a savvy consumer if you want to choose the right fit.

Consider the following factors while selecting a scarf as a belt:

Choose Wisely

When purchasing a scarf, the rule of thumb is to consider the material's quality. With scarves, you’ll usually have to watch out for their softness. Pamper your senses with a luxurious scarf; while shopping, search for items that are soft to the touch, easy to drape, and have a flow or adequate fall to the fabric. 

Silk, chiffon, cashmere, soft knit, and charmeuse are all beautiful fabrics that will be attractive to the touch and the sight. Choose soft and comfortable scarves to wrap over your neck this winter since bulky and thick knits are all the rage.

Watch Your Length

This season, embrace length with long and elegant scarves that make excellent figure cover-ups. Long scarves may be used to conceal small waists and necks, while more curvy ladies can use them to give their shape a more extended and balanced appearance. 

Long scarves create great and stylish impressions. They add an appealing statement to one's shape, whether wrapped around the neck or worn in a loose loop with the ends drooping on either side.

Examine Both Sides

It works best when both sides are stunning and equally appealing. Always inspect both sides of a scarf before purchasing it. Although the print on the front may be lively and eye-catching, the reverse side may not be as enticing. Remember that all sides will be visible when you wear the scarf, so constantly check what's on either side. 

Less-priced scarves sometimes bleed after washing, staining the side on the bottom, so inspect the print. Specifically, the dye minimizes blotchy color runs that take away from the overall charm when worn. 

Don't Go Overboard with the Bulk

The first rule of thumb when pulling off the belted scarf style is to avoid going too thick. Don't wear a bulky knit scarf. Wear one made of silk or lightweight cotton instead. In some instances, thicker cotton may be used, but a thin belt is required to limit the volume of your scarf.


Scarves are one of those products that you buy as gifts or treat yourself to but don't get to wear that often. So, belted scarves are a great way to use up your scarf collection and add some flair to your look, whether it's a casual day look or a night out with friends.

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