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What to Know About Choosing a Scarf Color Based on Skin Tone

One of the best ways to go about buying cute scarves is to make sure you get the ones that go well with your skin tone. Try seeing a color expert for a proper analysis, or try the same outfit (or something similar) in colors from each season. That way, you'll be able to tell exactly what goes best with the complexion you have. 

Someone whose best look is orange, for example, will benefit from reddish tones. If your best look is more along the lines of monochrome (black suit, white shirt) then blue background tones are ideal. Whether that's a neck scarf or some other style, colors will definitely make a difference.

Skin Tones

There are two temperatures to skin tones: cool and warm. The seasons, or subcategories, are as follows:

  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Warm
  • Tan 
  • Deep


This complexion has background tones that are pale yellow, peach, or warm, and is generally the complexion of blondes. Eye colors range from blues and aqua to greens and light browns. 

Tones that work for this skin tone are paler, such as:

  • Beige or broken white
  • Cream
  • Lilac
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • Salmon
  • Silenced orange
  • Yellow


The background tones that go with this fair-skinned summer complexion are blue (cold). Hair colors are in the grays or browns. Eye color is in the blues, greens, browns, and even gray ice. Multicultural women who have dark hair and fair complexions usually fall under this category as well, but not all the time. Pastel scarves are best at this point, such as:

  • Brown gray
  • Lavender
  • Light green
  • Pale blue
  • Pale yellow
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Soft white


Skin tones on this end are reddish and warm, with peach, pink, or red tones. Hair is typically in the reds, while eyes range from brown to pale green to a deeper blue. Earthy, autumn tones work best for this, such as:

  • Browns
  • Gold
  • Greens (kelly, forest, olive)
  • Mold
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Teal

Tan, Deep

This skin tone is generally associated with dark hair and brown eyes. It's typically correlated with Asians or African-Americans. There's an underlying blue color for people with cold, "winter" skin tones. Aside from the brown, eye colors can also include blue and green. The best colors for these groups are the likes of:

  • Black
  • Brown gray
  • Gray
  • Hot rose
  • Navy
  • Turquoise
  • White stark

Theoretically, anyone can wear whatever they want as long as they're comfortable. However, it's always good to be aware of options and make informed choices. After all, the last thing anyone would want is for their scarf to clash with their hair or not suit their skin tone. That would likely be quite distracting, if not making the overall look quality suffer as a whole.


Buying a scarf seems pretty straightforward, but it's best done with an awareness of skin tones and color. Skin tones come in cool and warm; the five subcategories or seasons are fair, medium, warm, tan, and deep. When picking a scarf color, consider where you fall under these categories and factors like your hair color into account as well.

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