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Scarf Fabric 101: The Best Material for Scarves

A fashion scarf is one of those fashion accessories that never go out of style. People always find ways to incorporate them into their outfits, adding a little pizzazz to their look. But are you sure that your scarf’s material is working for you? Or is it working against you?

If you need a little assistance in that department, don’t fret. Here are a few tips for you.

Understanding Scarf Fabric Types

Scarves have three distinct fabric categories: natural fiber, synthetic, and blended. Each type offers various pros and cons that can make or break an outfit.

Natural Fiber Scarves

Natural fibers fabrics are those that come from plants and animals. These are your wools, silks, cotton, and linens.

Fabrics using natural fibers are more durable, absorbent, and environmentally friendly. They also feel more lush and premium. Additionally, since natural fibers undergo minimal treatment, they are hypoallergenic.

A downside of purchasing scarves made from natural fibers is the price. Out of all the categories, natural fiber fashion scarves are more expensive. Although they have a higher price tag, they can last longer and stay in great shape even after years of use.

Synthetic Fiber Scarves

Synthetic fibers are artificial textiles produced from chemical substances and processes. Fabrics like fleece, microfiber, nylon, polyester, and spandex belong to this category.

Fabrics from synthetic fibers are durable, stain-resistant, waterproof, and water-resistant. They are also considered as the cheaper fabric alternative to natural fiber fabrics.

Synthetic fabrics may be more affordable, but it does sacrifice the look and feel of a scarf. Those made from synthetic fibers feel scratchier and look stiffer. However, smoother synthetic fibers like spandex don’t have enough body to become a substantial and functional scarf. 

Additionally, they create more environmental impact since they require a lot of chemical processing. Lastly, the chemical in the textile may trigger an allergic reaction called textile dermatitis or polyester allergy.

Blended Fiber Scarves

Blended fiber fabrics are also called semi-synthetic or mixed fabrics. These in-between fabrics start from raw natural material but require chemical substances and chemical processes to be formed. Examples of blended fiber fabrics include rayon, viscose, and acetate.

Scarves from blended fibers are durable, dyes beautifully, and are, like synthetic fibers, more inexpensive than natural fibers. Aside from that, these fabrics improve upon their synthetic counterparts. They are softer, smoother, and less stiff than synthetic fibers.

However, blended fibers are notorious for shrinking, wrinkling easily, and fading with too much sun exposure. Semi-synthetic fabrics also create a large environmental footprint because of their production process. Finally, these textiles cannot imitate the plushness and luxuriousness natural fibers can give wearers.

Picking Fabrics

Fabric choice in scarves can be a matter of personal taste. You’re entitled to your own preference, after all. However, if you want to look chic without compromising comfort, natural fiber fashion scarves are the ideal choice for you. But you may want to shift between scarf fabrics depending on the season.

During the colder months, chunkier and warmer scarves made from cashmere and wool are ideal for keeping you warm. However, you may want to switch to lighter and airier fabrics in the warmer months. Cotton and silk scarves are great choices to add flair to your late spring and summer outfits.


Fashion scarves are wonderful additions to any wardrobe. They are fashionable, fabulous, and functional accessories that can keep you warm while adding more drama to your look. Now that’s real fashion!

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