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Your Guide to Wearing a Scarf Like a Parisian

When the temperature drops, it’s time to bring out the scarves to help keep you warm. But before you plop on your warmest and chunkiest neck scarf, are you sure that you are wearing the scarf? Or is the scarf wearing you?

The French, particularly French women, just know how to wear a scarf. They don’t get gobbled up by the chunky mass of warmth. Instead, these pieces of functional garments seamlessly work with their outfits and even become statement pieces.

How can you wear a scarf like a Parisian? Here is a primer for you.

Find the Perfect Fit

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes to suit people of all shapes and sizes. So when picking out a scarf, check if the size suits you.

A perfectly sized winter scarf can be comfortably wrapped around your neck once without being too tight or restricting your movement. Pay close attention to the scarf ends too. Both ends should loosely fall to your waist on both sides.

Pick a Friendly Fabric

You may not think about it often, but the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your arms, torso, and legs. This means that the wrong scarf fabric can potentially irritate your skin. Textile dermatitis is a thing, and you don’t want to deal with that on your face.

To avoid irritating your skin, invest in high-quality neck scarves made from natural fabrics. Most people find that cashmere, wool, linens, and silks are some of the skin-friendliest and loveliest scarf materials out there. Yes, they may lean on the expensive side. However, for something that touches your skin for many hours for the rest of fall and winter, it will be worth every single cent.

Get the Rainbow for Your Closet

It’s always better to have too many color choices than none at all. That is why when you go shopping for scarves, go wild with the colors. Winter is a grey and dreary season, so why not add a pop of color to your wardrobe to liven things up?

If you’re not a fan of vibrant colors, or you just want to have the one scarf that will go with all your outfits, try getting a black or neutral-colored scarf. Blacks, beiges, greys, whites, and browns are always classy and go well with any color.

Play With Patterns

Winter coats are expensive and take up a lot of your closet’s real estate. So it’s perfectly understandable for you to have one go-to coat to wear throughout the cold season. But wearing the same coat over and over again can be boring. This is where scarves will save the day.

Scarves with different patterns can breathe new life into your winter wardrobe. They add a bit of playfulness to your winter look and make it more interesting. When you wear a different scarf every day, it will look like you’re wearing a new coat every day.

Wear It With Style and Confidence

It’s easy to style outfits with scarves. Just remember to wear a neutral scarf with a colorful outfit and a punchy colorful scarf with a neutral aesthetic. Matching the color of your scarf with your outfit can look dated, except if you’re going for head-to-toe neutral.

When you have the right scarf, wearing it fashionably will come naturally. You can throw the ends behind you, tuck it under the fabric wrapped around your neck, or let it hang loosely across your waist. Just make sure that the scarf can keep you warm and will not limit your movement.


Some people find wearing neck scarves a daunting fashion dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You just need to find the right size, fabric, color, and pattern, and everything will fall into place. With the right scarf, you will naturally find the balance between comfort and style. That’s how a Parisian would do it.

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